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How one man’s journey with dementia will change lives.

Sandy Halperin

Sandy Halperin

While recently speaking at the National Alzheimer’s Project Act Advisory Council meeting in Washington, D.C., Dr. Alexander “Sandy” Halperin, DDS talked about his life as a dementia patient. The outspoken advocate for the Alzheimer’s Disease Care and Cure cause, openly shared his daily struggles with the symptoms of the disease and its progression since being diagnosed in 2010. During his impassioned speech, Sandy talks about how he often requires the assistance of what he refers to as his “second brains.” Said brains taking the form of note pads, books and documents Sandy has authored over the years, his family memories scrapbook, the grandCARE system technology tool, and his loving wife of over 40 years, Gail.

What struck me most about Sandy’s speech is that save for a few brief moments of a lost train of thought, I wouldn’t have even thought he was a man struggling with the effects of such a disease given his poise and passion for speaking. Having experienced this first-hand, as my own grandmother suffers from late stage dementia, her outward appearance, cognitive, and physical capabilities are marked and noticeably different. She rarely speaks, remains largely confined to her bed in the nursing home where she resides, and her cognitive capabilities are virtually non-existent, as she no longer remembers me as her granddaughter or other close family members whom she has known for years. She is older, at 79 years of age, but her disease progression moved swiftly after receiving her initial diagnosis only a few short years ago. Unfortunately, by that time, she was already too far gone, to the point of requiring extensive care. 

The early warning signs were there, the simple daily forgetfulness of “where did I leave my purse?”. To the re-telling of a story we’ve heard for the umpteenth time. In retrospect, red flags should have been going up, starting probably 10 to 15 years ago. As with anyone, getting older often comes with its fair share of “senior moments”, at some point however, those innocent “senior moments” become something more.

Despite Sandy’s open acknowledgement and awareness that one day, he too may find himself in such a condition as my grandmother, his spirit, courage, and fight to be a vibrant and public voice of awareness for the disease is certainly inspiring. His voice is getting heard and his message on alzheimer’s is loud and clear, “care and cure”. CNN is currently following Sandy, filming a multi-chapter documentary on his personal journey, in a piece appropriately titled, “Sandy’s Story.” The world renowned, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, will also be following Sandy Halperin’s story on “Sanjay Gupta, M.D.

Sandy's Story CNN

A brief excerpt of chapter one of “Sandy’s Story”, by Stephanie Smith, CNN:

“It is a horrifying, gripping, devastating disease that plays havoc on the family and on the patient,” says Gail Halperin, Sandy’s wife.

But, she says, what has softened the blow of Halperin’s diagnosis is the way he responded to it — at least after the initial stunned feeling subsided.

“He immediately came out and said, ‘I don’t want to cover this up. I want to share it with people and be proactive,'” his wife says.

Recent data suggest that such a response is rare: Nearly 13% of Americans reported experiencing worsening confusion or memory loss after age 60, but most — 81% — had not consulted with a health care provider about their cognitive issues, according to the March Alzheimer’s Association report.

One of the goals of the project is to achieve increased awareness, in the hopes that individuals and family member’s recognize the early warning signs sooner to increase the effectiveness of medical intervention, and even incorporate technology aids, like the grandCARE system, to help improve the patient’s quality of life and their ability to remain more independent.

National Alzheimers Project Act Logo

To learn more about this project, and how you may be able to help, please go to:

Enabling Technologies can help Alzheimer’s Patients Stay at Home

Aging in place and enabling technologies like GrandCare Systems have been empowering seniors to remain healthy, safe, and happy at home.

By Heather Kelly, CNN
August 25, 2014


Sensors let Alzheimer’s patients stay at home, safely

(CNN) — Mary Lou doesn’t know that she’s being tracked.

The 77-year-old is in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s and though she lives on her own, her family keeps close tabs on her. If she leaves her Washington D.C. home between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., a silent sensor on her front door texts her daughter an alert.


“It’s kept her to the point where we haven’t even had to have in-home care yet. Our goal is to keep her in her home for as long as possible,” said her daughter Cathy Johnson.

Caregivers like Johnson are increasingly turning to smart-home technology and wearable devices to monitor family members with Alzheimer’s and dementia, helping them live independently longer. One of the first things Alzheimer’s patients lose is the ability to learn new things. It makes getting their bearings and adjusting to a new residence especially difficult. But living alone can pose its own dangers, such as leaving a stove on, wandering off or forgetting to take medication.

“Often, decisions about care are made when safety becomes an issue” said said Beth Kallmyer, vice president of constituent services for the Alzheimer’s Association. Tools like these sensors “can allow people to feel more comfortable” and ease the transition.

Read more at edition.cnn.com.

GrandCare Systems

System Comp HR NEWIndustry pioneer GrandCare Systems, provides the most trusted and comprehensive caregiving technology on the market. Since 2005, GrandCare has enabled individuals to remain healthier, happier, and more independent.

The GrandCare interactive touchscreen gives residents the option to control communications and view specific pictures, listen to audio messages, check calendar appointments, visit designated web sites, play games and brain exercises, and video chat with family.

Using a series of wireless activity sensors and digital health devices, the system can notify designated caregivers by phone, email, or text if something seems amiss.

For more information visit GrandCare Systems online at GrandCare.com.

Thursday April 21st GrandCare Webinar – Dealing with Dementia

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Topic Description: Helping a Loved One Deal with Dementia

Dementia such as Alzheimer’s is scary, but let’s calm some fears. Seeing worrisome signs that point to a possible diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can be so frightening that many people avoid getting a diagnosis.  There is always hope, and we are getting much better at diagnosing and caring for elders with dementia, as well as the families and friends who love them.

Take-away Points:

1. We will learn why diagnosis and education are crucial to the well being of loved ones.

2. Educators are getting better at helping families and elders cope with dementia, so we’ll learn ways that families cope so their loved one can still live a happy, comfortable life.

3.  Even if the diagnosis is dementia, families are able to move forward to find the best possible ways to care for their loved one, as well as themselves.

Sponsored by “Love, Laughter and Mayhem” Author, Cindy Keith

TOMORROW! Join our Aging & Technology Conference Call — Dementia Resources


Topic: Dementia Resources – Low Tech / High Tech – Dementia Friendly Homes

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Rosemary Bakker is on faculty at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New
York and is the developer and Director of ThisCaringHome.org, a multimedia
website for caregivers of people with dementia.
She is a gerontologist, a certified interior designer, and a former
caregiver to her mother, Arlene, who had Alzheimer’s disease. She
understands first-hand how a dementia-friendly environment can make
caregiving less difficult and more fulfilling. Rosemary has engaged in
real-life testing of over 50 household and technology products, from
grab-bar fastening systems to fall monitors, environmental controls, and
Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Bakker is a leading expert on the role of interior design and technology in
promoting health and wellness at every stage of life. She has conducted
numerous presentations on the topic to diverse audiences, ranging from
health care professionals, interior designers, housing experts, and Fortune
500 corporations to the Centers for Disease Control, the Alzheimer’s
Association, and the United Nations. Ms. Bakker has been an invited speaker
on CBS, NBC, and PBS and was featured in the Public Lives column of The New
York Times and in AARP’s Modern Maturity. She has won numerous awards for
her innovative work in interior design for healthy longevity and has
authored two books on the topic: Penguin Books (Elderdesign, 1997) and Lark
Books (AARP Guide to Beautiful Living with Universal Design, 2010). You can
contact Rosemary Bakker at rob2013@med.cornell.edu.

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Many exciting topics coming up!

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