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GrandCare interviews on Peggy Smedley Radio Show

Last week, Peggy Smedley asked some pointed questions on how GrandCare Systems® responds to barriers and obstacles in the aging industry.  GrandCare’s Chief Marketing Officer, Laura Mitchell had the answers. Listen to the 15 minute segment on how GrandCare envisions the connected healthcare market, why socialization is critical to mitigate loneliness and isolation and why cognitive assists can help just about anyone.



System Comp HR NEWGrandCare Systems, headquartered in Wisconsin, has provided the most comprehensive caregiving technology on the market since 2005, enabling individuals to remain safe, healthy, and happy at home.

The GrandCare interactive touchscreen gives residents the option to control communications and view specific pictures, listen to audio messages, check calendar appointments, visit designated web sites, play games and brain exercises, and video chat with family.

Using a series of wireless activity sensors and digital health devices, the system can alert designated caregivers by phone, email, or text if something seems amiss (e.g. no motion in the kitchen or medications were refused).

If interested in reading more about GrandCare Systems or purchasing our product you can visit the website at www.grandcare.com


Smedley   To access the Interview on the Peggy Smedley website Click Here