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Thursday GrandCare Webinar: Lori Bitter speaks on Downturned Markets and Upturned Ideals

WHEN: Thursday February 3rd, 2pm EDT (1p CT).
WHERE: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
WHAT: Lori Bitter speaks on Downturned Markets & Upset Ideals

Topic Description:
This webinar will explain how the economic fallout has affected boomer and senior values and how you can stay relevant to this changed consumer. Learn how to reach the new mature consumer as Lori Bitter, President of Continuum Crew profiles them, describing their anxieties and shifting values. Use this information to improve your organization’s marketing strategy by understanding the trends and differences in Boomer and Senior consumer sentiment and uncover the messaging framework needed to engage this changed consumer to increase your prospect base.

About Lori Bitter:
Lori Bitter is President of Continuum Crew, an integrated communications firm focused on engaging mature consumers, which she launched following the closure of JWT BOOM, the nation’s leading mature market advertising and marketing company. Lori has more than 30 years of advertising, public relations and strategic planning experience and is the author of numerous white papers on topics relevant to the senior and Boomer population.

Webinar Objectives
1. Learn how to reach the new mature consumer
2. Improve your organization’s marketing strategy
3. Understand the trends and differences in the Boomer and Senior consumer

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