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GrandCare’s radio interview with “into tomorrow” at EHX

Dave and the “Into Tomorrow” team were in Orlando, FL recording our broadcast from the Electronic House Expo. Want to make your home smarter? Check out some of the latest gadgets for your home.

Listen to Laura Mitchell from GrandCare Systems talk about the GrandCare System and how this system is making our seniors smarter and more connected!!!
http://www.graveline.com/shows2010/04-02-2010-3.mp3 (fast forward to 21:32 to hear Laura speak)

Laura Mitchell On-Air


GrandCare Featured on Dave Graveline Best of EHX 2010 Video

GrandCare chosen as one of the featured Technologies by the Dave Graveline “Into Tomorrow” Radio show at EHX in Orlando last week. Check out his EHX 2010 Video Highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D32ZNvqfHs8&feature=player_embedded[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D32ZNvqfHs8&feature=player_embedded]

I also did a radio interview on the program, but that has not been posted to the website yet. http://intotomorrow.com/

Good things all around! Have a great Easter Weekend All!

EHX Home Health Tech Pavilion – GREAT SUCCESS!!

Just returned from 5 days in Sunny Orlando (at least they tell us it was sunny) – wouldn’t know, we spent the entire time at the Electronic House Expo at the Orange County Convention Center! And wow – what a great show for the home health technology industry!

Overall, the show attendance was down. We had heard this and wondered what the show would have in store for us! We really couldn’t have been busier, so it really said a LOT about the shift towards home health for the dealers in this industry.

We arrived on Tuesday morning and spent the entire day in the Peabody, revamping GrandCare dealer training for the next day.

Wednesday, we arrived at 8am for GrandCare Authorized dealer training! The room was abuzz as 30 NEW GrandCare dealers loaded in ready to SPEED train as we powered through about 15 hours of material in 7.5….

Great session, the session went great and the dealers were very interactive and seemed to gain a lot of information!!

ON Thursday at 10am, the EHX show floor opened. It appeared to be about less than half of what it was about 2 years ago. A sign of a bad economy, that’s clear. The silver lining is that the people that DO come are the decision makers AND the ones TRULY interested. We had many dealers that came up and said home health tech is the ONLY reason they attended EHX. A truly positive sign for this industry!

GrandCare was pounded ALL day Thursday by interested dealers – we had an extra large booth with 5 GC reps(represented by a few GC staff and Home Controls (Strategic Dist Partner) and Elder-Watch (Master dealer)).

The first panel session moderated by Laurie Orlov was a huge success. It was standing room only as the 4 panelists from GrandCare Systems, Celery, LogicMark and Halo Monitoring explained their products as Laurie Orlov moderated (recap here: http://www.ageinplacetech.com/blog/aarp-and-those-boomers-recareerers-and-home-related-professionals)

Later Thursday afternoon, GrandCare hosted the weekly agetech call LIVE FROM THE EHX FLOOR!!! Using a mic and webcam, GrandCare’s Laura Mitchell (host of the agetech call and VP Chair of the AgeTek Alliance board) hosted the weekly call from the GrandCare booth and interviewed other aging and technology vendors as well as some of the interested dealers.
Recording (including video) http://my.dimdim.com/view2/all/grandcare/default/138cae63-c640-42c4-9748-2888bdf11e5e

End of Day One – GREAT SUCCESS & Many Many Leads to show from it. 17 of us from the Aging and technology pavilion went out to celebrate with dinner and drinks at a local watering hole!!

Friday – Day Two…to be continued…

The Aging Tsunami will Float All Boats – NEW Aging/Tech Consortium

Ever wonder why the Burger Kings always move across the street from McDonalds? Or the hair salons comprise one whole corner of town? It’s the concept of co-ompetition. The reason we have malls. Because once the Burger King moves across the street from McDonalds, both restaurants do better.

Here’s a prime example of two competitors working together from a logistics standpoint: Nestle and Mars have been sharing trucks to deliver combined loads of chocolate. In just 11 weeks, over 60 loads were combined with approximately 7,500 miles of duplicate truck journeys eliminated.

This same concept can be used across the industry, including in the aging and technology industry.
In fact, I feel like even more-so in this industry, where SO much education is required. Consumers don’t not only not know what the product is, they also need to understand why they need it. The trick is, we’re not replacing anything concrete, it’s something new. Like when the Internet first came about to consumers in the ’90s and business people needed to be convinced that the Internet was probably a good idea and conceive of how they were going to use it to better their businesses and make life easier for their employees.

We have decided to start up our own aging & technology industry consortium. No official name yet, but it’s going to be an organization where we all join (it’ll be extremely cost-effective to join) and combine efforts. Together we can target big goals (large marketing/advertising campaigns, lobbying for remibursement, educating the market as a whole on the use of technology for our aging population, research & focus groups, business plan implementation for LTC communities, etc.

This idea was born a few months back on one of our weekly aging & technology conference calls. The topic that week was co-ompetition and was being led by Presto! CEO, Peter Radsliff. He spoke about the concept of all of us working together and something clicked with everyone on that call. Everyone got very excited and enthusiastic. A real concept had been born! After that call, we continued to think through this idea. I started mulling the idea with Michael Sarfatti from Smart Silvers (who had also been on the call). He told Susan Ayers Walker (founder of Smart Silvers) and it’s history from there. Susan set up a time and place for all of us to meet within the exhibit floor at CES. About 15 of us met, spoke, shared our visions & passions and started running from there.

Please consider joining our effort & reaping the benefits!!! For more information, please contact me: info@grandcare.com

In support of co-ompetition, we are hosting a technology and aging pavilion at EHX (Electronic House Expo) in March This is open to any and every vendor (and dealer to attend) in the aging and tech industry!!! We are still looking to find other vendors to fill the pavilion so we can make a big splash. Included in each kiosk within the pavilion will be a presentation area along with presentation time and some educational tracks/panels for dealers.

Thanks and remember, The Aging Tsunami Will Float All Boats!!!!