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GeekBeat TV Reports Live on the GrandCare System

Geek Beat’s CALLY, Reports live from the CEDIA Tech House and covers the GrandCare System along with some of the sensors (medication dispenser, weight scale, motion/temp, etc).  She shows off the Rx Tender Medication Dispenser along with the GrandCare System (where all of the sensors report in)…. The GrandCare System   The GrandCare Medication Dispenser Rx Tender starts about 4:48 into the video….take a look!!


Tech in the Bathroom

The Seura TV Mirror is a TV with a mirrored surface, and the whole package is just one-inch deep. Audio Design Associates has a scale that is Bluetooth-enabled and will send notifications to your doctor if you gain 5 pounds in 3 days, for example (a sign of congestive heart failure). And this toilet can send you alerts if grandma doesn’t flush in 3 days so you can take her to the doctor.

Healthcare in the Bedroom

Again, there’s a focus here on seniors. A pill dispenser will automatically give the owner medication and it’ll beep to let them know it’s time. If the pills aren’t picked up it will send a caregiver an alert. A weight sensor on the bed will send an alert if the occupant doesn’t get up (or return) after a set number of hours…

To read the entire article, visit: http://geekbeat.tv/geekbeat-tv-260-cedia-2011-future-technology-pavilion/