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Digital health is growing rapidly

While there are a number of growing markets in digital health, there are two that seem to be picking up speed with consumers and care providers: aging and wearables. With this growth comes more investor dollars and more companies wanting in.

As one of the most valuable market segments, boomers account for nearly $230 billion in sales for consumer goods and will control 70% of the nation’s disposable income in the next twenty years.   And with the wearables market projected to cross $8 billion by 2018, companies are taking notice.

Gain invaluable insight into the digital health market when a silicon valley VC leads an enlightening discussion with the consumer electronics industry’s authority on market research and the chief marketing officer of the leading caregiving technology company.

Digital health


Anne DeGheest, Founder & Managing Director, Healthtech Capital


Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer, GrandCare Systems
Kevin Tillmann, Senior Research Analyst, CEA

Tune into this 25 minute segment

System Comp 2This panel took place at the 2014 Digital Health Summer Summit. The team from GrandCare was there, showcasing the latest and greatest GrandCare System, designed for patient socialization and engagement, enhancing the patient experience, while enabling professional caregivers to turn their “man on man” caregivers into “zone caregivers”, providing better, more efficient, more cost-effective care.  Watch GrandCare’s chief medical officer, Laura Mitchell as she describes the shift in market traction and why our solutions should focus on the outcomes and not on the process.

The system is a vehicle behind a successful care delivery model, while putting the patient firmly in the center and emphasizing continuity and seamless transition throughout the whole care network (family, professional caregivers, healthcare providers, patient) and encouraging patient self care (chronic disease management), socialization with family and friends and virtual professional caregiving through HIPAA compliant video chat, medication prompting and check-in video visits.

GrandCare can better care delivery outcomes for:

– Professional In-home Care providers

– CCRCs without walls (Long Term Care Providers)

– HealthCare Providers (Hospital to Home Transitions)

– Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

– Hospice/End of Life Care


To learn more about GrandCare Systems please visit: www.grandcare.com

To watch a short testimonial video click here.



Investor: Health tech is next big opportunity

By Don Ross, Managing Director & Founder, HealthTech Capital

Early-stage investors in traditional healthcare companies are certainly having a tough time these days. Many biotech, diagnostic and medical device firms have simply become too risky, as the current uncertain FDA regulatory environment increases cost and time to exit. In fact, venture funding for these companies fell during the fourth quarter of 2010 to the lowest level since 2003, and the number of deals dropped further in the first quarter of 2011, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

This overhanging “exit challenge” is leading many angel investors and venture capitalists to seek new types of investments – companies with lower capital requirements and faster exits. Nowhere was this quest more evident than at the 2011 Angel Capital Association Summit, a premier angel investor event, held last month in Boston.

During the event, I participated on the “Future of Life Science Investing” panel, where the discussion quickly left traditional life sciences and zeroed in on what is emerging as the next big investment opportunity arena: healthtech.

Don Ross is managing director and founder of HealthTech Capital, an angel investing group that funds and mentors early-stage companies in the emerging healthtech domain.

Healthtech companies use mobile, cloud, and other information technologies to increase healthcare delivery efficiencies and deliver consumer-centric applications. Unlike traditional “health IT,” healthtech companies target applications everywhere along spectrum of health and wellness—from in-hospital workflow to in-home monitoring to consumer wellness applications.

Healthtech markets are propelled by technical advancements, an aging population, and government regulations and subsidies to drive adoption of electronic medical records. And, although the FDA is turning its attention to healthtech, most companies in this sector are expected to face comparatively low regulatory requirements.

How big is the healthtech opportunity? Data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) show that the U.S. spent $2.5 trillion on health care in 2009. Of this, 84 percent was spent on healthcare delivery, which includes costs associated with clinicians and insurance companies. In contrast, only 16 percent was spent on therapeutics, including medical devices and drugs. Although venture investors traditionally have put their money into therapeutics rather than delivery, the balance is shifting.

In fact, healthtech was a “star” topic at the recent J.P. Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, where panelists included Eric Schmidt, Google’s then-CEO, and other technologists not typically associated with health care. Further evidence of the shift in investor attention towards healthtech is the recent establishment of HealthTech Capital, the first angel investing group to focus exclusively on this space. Barely a year old, the group’s membership already is larger than many long-established angel groups and includes individual investors, VCs, corporate venture arms, and healthcare providers.

Healthtech is a complex domain, with several factors that can make or break a company. Existing contracts and relationships may have locked up a market segment. Standards of proof are much higher than in the tech world. Lack of reimbursement can kill a company. A sale often must address a multi-part customer with separate value propositions for the patient, doctor, hospital, and insurance company. Improving patient care alone is insufficient. One physician put his requirements for new technologies to me succinctly: “Will I get paid, and will I get sued?”

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HealthTech Marketing Group takes on GrandCare Systems!


Searching for Technology to assist with care for the Aged:

(Taken from the HealthTech Marketing Group Literature)
For Families
Caring for a senior can be a challenging, expensive, and frustrating experience. Allowing them to remain safely living where they prefer is our focus. As the leading provider of Aging-in-Place solutions, we ensure that your loved one is monitored, from a safety and health perspective giving you peace of mind. And our communications tools, computerless e-mail and photo sharing, ensure they are able to stay connected without learning new skills.

For Facilities
Keeping a watchful eye on your closed-door residents is challenging yet can be critical to their survival. HealthTech provides solutions that allow the senior to be safe in their private room, and the facility completely connected to their situation. As the leading provider of technology solutions for seniors, we ensure that your residents are monitored, from a safety and health perspective, and are able to function without ongoing attention.

For Agencies
Being able to protect your clients without being there is what HealthTech provides for home health providers. Our Aging-in-Place solutions allow the senior to be safe at home, while keeping you completely connected to their situation 24/7. You can increase their survival rate while lowering their cost of service. We ensure that your clients are monitored, from a safety and health perspective, and are able to function without ongoing attention.

For Professionals
Wouldn’t it be great to allow your patients to stay home and provide daily health updates to you? With HealthTech solutions you can reduce office visits while improving patient care/case management. You are always connected to them, ensuring that you are in the loop at all times. Being able to protect your clients is what HealthTech is all about.
Our solutions allow the senior to be safe at home, while keeping you completely connected.

About GrandCare
Using a combination of remote environmental and passive physiological sensing, RULE-BASED intelligence and networking technologies, GrandCare Systems allows the caregiver to remotely and passively monitor a loved-one without compromising dignity or privacy. This reduces caregiver stress by providing peace of mind all around. GrandCare recognizes the importance of an active body, mind and soul by simultaneously addressing the loneliness and social isolation associated with aging. Family can easily stay connected by virtually sending communications to the loved one’s TV or TouchScreen. This not only improves the quality of life for an individual living alone, but also enhances memory.

GrandCare System Features
• Activity Monitoring including:
– Door Openings, Weight, Meds, Blood Pressure, Sleeping Patterns and Wake-ups
• Wellness Reports
-Weight, Blood Pressure, Pulse
• Rules-based Communications
– Phone, E-mail and Text
• Family and Staff Communications
and Scheduling Systems
How GrandCare Works
The GrandCare system connects to any television set with audio/video
inputs and any full-time Internet connection. The GrandCare sensors are
discreetly placed around the residence and report sensor activity to the
system. Caregivers can view the data on-line and set up conditions to receive automated alerts via e-mail, text messages or phone calls. Family can send communications and cognitive assists right to an interactive touchpad or dedicated
channel on the loved one’s television set.

GrandCare is now working together with HealthTech Marketing Group!

About HealthTech:

HealthTech Marketing Group launched more than a decade ago as Marketlink, an international provider of market launch services for high-technology startups. Our success has spanned many categories of technologies, from networking, security and storage to mobile and wireless. In 2009, we made the decision to launch a healthcare focused initiative, specializing in the rapidly growing senior market. The aging baby boomer population, combined with expanding mortality rates of Americans, has created an enormous and rapidly growing market for Aging-in-Place technologies. With the new
focus on health care initiatives, HealthTech Marketing Group was launched. HealthTech provides aging-in-place technologies to the adult children of the senior community, to facilities and agencies that service and house seniors, and to professional caregivers including doctors and service providers. And for the supplier base, we provide an ideal environment to aggressively launch your solutions through our provider clients and directly to the senior community. HealthTech Marketing Group is headquartered in Novi, Michigan. We have amassed a U.S. sales force in excess of 180 professionals located across the country and our long-term goal is to create a group of 400+ professionals, touching every community. HealthTech Marketing Group…Technology Solutions for the Aging Community!