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Various Models & Applications of GrandCare Systems & How it works!!!

There are various models of the GrandCare System to choose from. Ranging from independent home use, to nursing/in-home care staff member use to group homes to hospice/hospice care.

1. A mobile staff tablet to take to multiple resident’s homes/rooms so you can wirelessly record & assess bp, weight, pulse ox, glucose levels as well as record care notes about each resident. This can be accessed remotely by specified care-partners/family members.

2. A multi-resident wellness kiosk for residents to visit and take their vitals with the BP Device, Weight Scale, Glucometer or Pulse Oxygen. These vitals are automatically and wirelessly recorded to the system with allowances for the residents & staff members to jot down carenotes about the resident.

3. Community Room Entertainment Kiosk: Multiple Residents can also use the touchscreen system to play card games, see personal pictures, do trivia, receive incoming communications from family, see facility calendar events, view dining room menu options and more.

4. Multi-resident monitoring system. For multiple resident rooms or group homes. Monitors each resident’s door openings, bed, general motion and potential wellness information. One central TV can display communications, pictures, trivia, etc.

5. Individual (in the home model). There are two options for the in-the-home model. The interactive or passive model. Both will be placed into the independent home/residence and allows for family/care-partners to assess wellness information and be assured that all is well (got out of bed, accessed meds, accessed fridge, normal activity patterns, normal door activity, etc.). Care-partners can customize the GrandCare plan and determine which sensors are necessary for each individual installation. Sensors can EASILY be added or removed at ANY time, no wiring necessary.
A. Passive Model – allows family to send personalized pictures, messages, emails, reminders, family videos, etc to a dedicated TV monitor in the home. Resident needs ZERO technical know-how to use this. They simply watch the TV and the incoming communications.
B. Interactive “On-Demand” Model – allows family to send personalized pictures, messages, emails, reminders, family videos, etc to the easy-to-use, atm-like interactive touchmonitor in the home. The resident simply presses the buttons (pictures, messages, calendar, video, etc.) and chooses what they want to see and when!

6. Hospice/Hospital Model. A simple communication device goes into the room of the resident and plugs into any TV. Family and friends of the resident can go online to the GrandCare website and easily send “i love you” notes, messages, emails, family photos, inspirational words, calendar events and more. The system can also display spiritual offerings, trivia, weather reports, news headlines, nostalgia, stock photos, etc. The resident ONLY has to watch as new communications come in!!!

The smart GrandCare System talks quietly and wirelessly with the chosen activity & telehealth sensors. Options range from motion, inside temperature, door, call-me buttons, bed/chair, caller-id on TV, blood pressure, weight, glucometer, pulse oxygen, etc.

Caregivers can log into our secured website from any remote location and check the sensor activity. They can also set up automated alerts. For example, they might want to receive an email if medications were not accessed and a phone call if there is a significant weight gain in a short period of time. Alerts are easy to set-up and can be customized to reflect ANYTHING you need to know. Of course, we walk you through all of this to ensure success!

There is a social/connectivity aspect to GrandCare, which separates us from other remote monitoring systems. It’s called the Communication Station. Caregivers and Family can go to our website and easily send pictures, messages, emails, reminders, calendar appointments, videos, music and more right to a dedicated TV monitor or to an interactive touchscreen. The loved one can also play card games, trivia, see news/weather reports and more using an easy-to-use ATM-like TOUCHSCREEN.