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Laura Mitchell to Speak on Hospital Readmission

At the First National Medicare-Medicaid Payment Incentives and Penalties Summit

“The Leading Forum on Recovery Audits, Readmissions, Value-Based Purchasing, HACs and Never Events, and Managing to Medicare Margins.”

Laura Mitchell, VP Business Development will be speaking alongside Dr. Erick Eiting on “Healing in Place™ — Using Technology to Reduce the Risk of Hospital Readmissions.” Conference Theme II: Thursday, May 31, 2012, from 4:45pm-5:15pm in the Prince William room. 

Laura has also recently published a whitepaper under the same title.

The following is an excerpt form “Healing in Place™”:

From Hospital to Home: The Grand Transition
One cannot seriously talk about healthcare reform, improving outcomes, or reducing cost without talking about the aging of America, given the large portion of healthcare costs that are incurred in the later stages of life.1 Healthcare already consumes a distressing 17% percentage of GDP, and with the “Boomers” entering their chronic condition years, the financial strain on our society is certain to become more acute, if not critical. As a society, we pay for many pounds of cure. GrandCare Systems is passionate about providing those ounces of prevention that allow patients to successfully transition from acute care to heal at home with a technology assist. Only by moving from the monitored life to the analyzed life to the influenced life, can we reverse the cost spiral of post-acute and chronic care.

A downloadable copy of this whitepaper is available HERE.

For more information on the summit visit http://www.medicaremedicaidpaymentsummit.com

Register at http://medicaremedicaidpaymentsummit.com/registration.php

GrandCare Systems™ – May 2012 Software Tour

The recording of Thursday’s LIVE Software Demonstration is now available on YouTube.


This software demonstration, covers system capabilities for in home use as well as a our caregiver menu and touch screen interface.

“GrandCare offers ‘peace of mind’ for the entire caregiving network, while giving the loved one independence, freedom and happiness.”

GrandCare Systems is considered a pioneer in the aging and technology industry. Available since 2006, GrandCare Systems combines digital health assessments, daily activity monitoring, medication management, smart home automation, and virtual communications for all ages into one easy, flexible and comprehensive solution!

7-7-11 GrandCare Webinar – – Hospital Readmissions & Medicare

Download/Watch Here

Thursday July 7th Aging/Technology Webinar:

Date: Thursday, July 7th, 2011
Time: 2pm EDT (1pm CDT / 12p MDT / 11am PDT)
Location: http://grandcaresystems.webex.com

Topic: Hospital Readmission Rules- The Real Story

The new readmission rules from Medicare will be a huge opportunity for Caregiving Technology. To be effective in the market place, we need to be able separate facts from fiction and be selling hard now.

Take-away Points:

1)       Learn what new rules medicare has made for hospital readmission

2)      Learn what causes hospital readmission, how caregiving technologies can help

3)       Take action and go to market with key strategies

Our Speaker: John Boden, Founder of ElderIssues 

John Boden started ElderIssues, LLC in 2001. Prior to that, John was the founder of Personal Care Managers, Inc. (PCM), a professional geriatric care management company begun in 1988. That company helped elders and their families navigate every area of eldercare. John is a nationally recognized expert in elder care issues and geriatric care management. He has served as President of the Florida Guardianship Association and has been an active member in the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers and the National Guardianship Association. He has also served the Florida Bar’s Elder Law Section. Prior to founding PCM in 1988, John held executive positions in sales, marketing, and operations at several entrepreneurial firms. John also served as a U.S. Marine helicopter pilot in Vietnam, successfully completing more than 750 combat missions. He is married to his wife Patricia who founded PCM with him, and has five children, eight grandchildren, and one great grandchild, who give him pride, joy and happiness.

Our Sponsor: Elder Issues and LifeLedger

The ElderIssues LifeLedger is not one person’s idea. It is based on the knowledge and experience of all of the many eldercare experts who worked with PCM over the years. It evolved from their drive to always find ways to do a better job for the families and the elders we were privileged to serve.It is the wish of us all that you will benefit from our knowledge and experience to become better caregivers with the guidance and support  provided by the LifeLedger. Visit them online at www.elderissues.com 

If you missed last months webinar on Sound Therapy for Seniors,

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