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Celebrate Independence with GrandCare

As we celebrate our independence today, we reflect on how truly important that is. At GrandCare we promote and enable independence in all facets of life. By allowing our family the freedom to live life to the fullest, wherever they choose to be.

GrandCare provides gentle assistance for seniors who want to live independently in their homes. Through daily prompts, it reminds seniors about appointments and daily tasks, and when to take their meds and vitals. It offers entertainment, music, news and health information on an easy-to-use touchscreen. It makes contacting friends and family through video chat as easy as pushing a button.

GrandCare provides peace of mind for family members who love and worry about their parents and grandparents. Activity and vitals are available on a web-based interface, letting you easily see that everything is OK. Alerts to your phone, email or text let you know when something is amiss. Face-to-face communication is easy, even when you can’t be right there.

GrandCare provides peace of mind for communities whose mission is to provide a positive quality of life, taking care of routine tasks, and freeing up staff for the personal contact that is so vital for the best quality of life.

GrandCare, celebrating independence for our nation and our loved ones.


Photo credit: Bayasaa