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grandCARE mentioned as innovative digital health devices for caregiving

Digital Health Devices Now Used By 41% of U.S. Home Caregivers

Parks Associates is out with a new report showing that 41% of caregivers in U.S. broadband households currently use a digital health device as part of their “caregiving routine,” (including 8% who use online tools to coordinate their efforts.”

“Among U.S. broadband households, 22% have a head of household who currently provides care for a family member or anticipates doing so in the near future,” said Harry Wang, Director of Health & Mobile Product Research at Parks Associates.

“At 2015 International CES, we’ll see many new digital health devices and software on display, including innovations from companies such as…Grandcare..These innovative solutions will find strong interest among current caregivers, but they will also have high standards to meet in improving the ways caregivers can monitor their family members.”

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