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How do we shift the technology care delivery model to a pure outcome based solution?

The Digital Health Summer Summit was a success!  The team from GrandCare was there, showcasing the latest and greatest GrandCare System, designed for patient socialization and engagement, enhancing the patient experience, while enabling professional caregivers to turn their “man on man” caregivers into “zone caregivers”, providing better, more efficient, more cost-effective care.  Watch GrandCare’s chief medical officer, Laura Mitchell as she describes the shift in market traction and why our solutions should focus on the outcomes and not on the process.

The system is a vehicle behind a successful care delivery model, while putting the patient firmly in the center and emphasizing continuity and seamless transition throughout the whole care network (family, professional caregivers, healthcare providers, patient) and encouraging patient self care (chronic disease management), socialization with family and friends and virtual professional caregiving through HIPAA compliant video chat, medication prompting and check-in video visits.

GrandCare can better care delivery outcomes for:

– Professional In-home Care providers

– CCRCs without walls (Long Term Care Providers)

– HealthCare Providers (Hospital to Home Transitions)

– Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

– Hospice/End of Life Care


Private Consumers can purchase direct: http://store.grandcare.com/category-s/1821.htmSystem Comp HR NEW


Senior Accessibility and technology for seniors: GrandCare slated to speak on two forums at M-enabling Summit in DC

M-Enabling Summit | June 9 – 10th | Washington, DC

The M-Enabling Summit is a joint initiative of the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (G3ict) and E.J. Krause & Associates (EJK) to promote mobile accessible and assistive applications and services for senior citizens and persons with disabilities leveraging the latest operating systems, handsets and tablets based technologies. The third edition of the M-Enabling Summit will be held in June 2014 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC.

The Summit is the only gathering of U.S. and international leaders of the global ecosystem supporting accessible and assistive mobile solutions. At the Summit they share experiences on how to best leverage the latest mobile operating systems, handset and tablet technologies, creating life changing applications and services for seniors and users of all abilities. More information on this event can be found online at www.m-enabling.com.

Studio D – Market Movers: Easy Apps and Services for Seniors, June 9th – 1:30 – 3 pm

Some of the best known brands in the world, as well as innovative start-ups, are leading digital marketing in the mobile senior market place. This session will review examples of the successful implementation of new features on existing services, as well brand-new apps and services specifically designed for the mobile senior market place. Those reviews will include the best social media, productivity apps, e-commerce, entertainment, search engines or communication solutions which are specifically addressing the needs of seniors around the world.

Session Chair: Janice Branham, Director of Communications and Technology, The OASIS Institute (invited)
Robin Raskin, Founder, Living in Digital Times
Jennifer Crutchfield, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sprint
Kevon Kothari, Director, Corporate Development, Intel-GE Care Innovations LLC
Laura Mitchell, VP of Business Development, GrandCare Systems
Other panelists to be announced

Studio F – M-Health Solutions for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities,  June 10th-  11am – 12:30pm

Few application sectors have seen as much mobile innovation as the health sector.  The potential to remotely monitor, alert, inform, guide and interact with patients, as well as the multitude of self-care and wellness apps, are transforming practices while enhancing safety and productivity of services delivery.  This session will look at some of the most innovative m-health applications and services relevant to seniors and persons with disabilities and review the status of the accessibility of some of the leading mainstream m-Health apps and services.

Session Chair: Stephen Johnston, Founder, Aging2.0


  • Myron Kowal, Owner, Response Care, Inc.
  • Alicia Heazlitt, Director of Strategy and Collaboration Guru, InnovateLTC
  • Courtney Larned, VP, Marketing and Corporate Communications, CareSync
  • Robert Primosch, Partner, Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP
  • Laura Mitchell, VP of Business Development, GrandCare Systems

For a full list of conference programs, please visit www.m-enabling.com/agenda.html.

Laura Mitchell, VP Business Development, GrandCare SystemsLaura Mitchell

Laura is a founding member of GrandCare Systems. A significant part of her initial role was to bring the product to market in 2006 through the development of a nation-wide distribution network. Laura specializes in Social Media and non-traditional, guerilla marketing strategies, furthering GrandCare brand recognition throughout the digital health industry, and has been featured in Forbes for her work.

She travels nationwide, providing educational presentations on digital home health, social media, using technology to mitigate hospital readmissions, and go-to-market strategies. Venues include the AARP National Convention, AHIMA, NAHB, Connected Health Symposium, ASA, CEDIA, CEA Industry Forum, and CES. She has also authored various magazine articles on the digital health market and go-to-market strategy.

Laura was a key organizer for the EHX and CEDIA Future Home Pavilion Educational Tracks. She was the recipient of the What’s Next 2011 Boomer Business Innovation Award for Excellence in Leadership and Innovation and was awarded the 2012 Dealerscope’s “40 Under 40” Award.