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GrandCare: My In-Home 2nd Brain

The “GrandCare” System Acting as my
“In-Home 2nd Brain” (so to speak…)

med-set-431The GrandCare System continues to be a solid and substantial in-home 2nd brain for me as I continue to work with the folks at the company. I forgot to take my meds the other evening, but was reminded to do so by the system with a text to my phone, etc. Reminders and events, etc are sent to me throughout each day – it is spectacular. More in the coming days and weeks as I (or others in my family or caregivers input more information into my system). Take care!

By Alexander Sandy Halperin, DDS
De-Stigmatizing Alzheimer’s

Local Event: “New Memory Technology” – Jackson, WI

New Memory Technology:
A Dialogue with GrandCare Systems

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 6pm

This event has been moved to January. Check back soon for more details!

How can I prevent memory loss? Is there technology that will keep me safe in my own home? Can my family send me pictures, messages, videos if I dont have an computer?

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