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Michael Neuvirth Reviews GrandCare Systems

Home Care Services And Monitoring At The Touch Of A Finger

Michael Neuvirth give GrandCare Systems a Four and a half Star Review

This Review covers a product and technology that has been helping Caregivers since 2005. It is specifically designed to let your loved ones enjoy a high quality of life – while living in their own homes.

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Easy To Use, Feature Rich Home Care System

GrandCare Systems combines digital health, biometric readings,  daily living sensing, medication management, smart home automation, video chat and virtual touch-based communications into a comprehensive home care monitoring system.

Caregivers can virtually engage with a loved one, regardless of geographic location.The simple to use, touch-based platform lets your loved one look at family photos, get, read and send “email”, watch videos and conduct video chats, listen to their favorite songs, play games – and more.

Created By Caregivers For Caregivers


I spoke with the very nice people at Grandcare. We discussed pricing and they told me that each customer has his/her own specific needs and should end up with a system that suits those particular, specific needs. Grandcare told me that the best way for the customer to get started with Grandcare and learn about the particular pricing is to contact Grandcare directly via a very short questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire here.

Grandcare told me that their goal is for each customer to get the perfect system that suits their need and the questionnaire is the first step in the process. After you submit the questionnaire, Grandcare will contact you directly.

After speaking with Grandcare, it was clear to me that they will not push you to buy more than you need. There is no obligation to buy and they are really good at answering your questions.

I am honored to have included GrandCare in the very first dedicated review site for Caregivers – Caregiver Reviews

Initially, we are only reviewing sites that we know really help Caregivers and improve their quality of life and the quality of life of their loved ones.

Caregivers are extremely busy and we will not waste their time telling
them what not to read – rather we are focusing only on sites like GrandCare – that truly help Caregivers everyday…


Michael Neuvirth
Caregiver Reviews

Grandcare’s system gives Caregivers peace of mind – plus the entertainment and socialization features are great for your loved ones. So, just for this – I highly recommend that you check it out further.

The Next Step Please visit Grandcare’s website, submit the questionnaire and learn more about Grandcare yourself.

Take a look at Michael’s full review of the GrandCare System.