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Moraine Park Nursing Students Learn Cutting-edge Tech with grandCARE

by dritger5. December 2014 15:50

Students in Moraine Park Technical College’s Nursing programs are among the first in the state to incorporate telehealth technology into their curriculum. The new technology, which lets providers and patients connect virtually, is a growing component of health care that allows patients to be comfortable at home while still receiving the level of monitoring and care needed. The school’s telehealth equipment, which was purchased in part with funding by a General Purpose CoreHealth Industry Grant, provides pre-licensure students with unique and new learning opportunities.

“Our students learning the telehealth system gain many new experiences and are able to recognize the value of using advanced technology to effectively care for patients,” said Marylou Mercado, associate dean of nursing. “They are using telehealth technology to conduct health assessments, determine physical care needs, assess changes in overall health and monitor prescription medication effectiveness.”

As telehealth technology continues to gain recognition in the health care industry, grandCARE Systems of West Bend and Moraine Park are working together to provide students with the equipment and training that will open doors for graduating nursing students. grandCARE Systems is a pioneer in the industry, providing the most comprehensive and fully featured caregiving technology on the market, and Moraine Park is excited to offer opportunities for students to learn using the newest technology.

“Advancements in digital health and patient engagement technologies will enable individuals to benefit from many of the experiences, previously only offered in a hospital setting,” said Charlie Hillman, founder and CTO grandCARE Systems. “Moraine Park is proactively arming students with grandCARE’s digital health, patient engagement and socialization features to allow a better, faster and more cost-effective delivery of care.”

The College’s telehealth equipment has been integrated into its existing Simulation Center on the West Bend campus, which teaches students how to pin-point problems remotely using a variety of non-invasive sensors that monitor patients without impeding their lifestyle. Using the Internet, remote caregivers are able to track vitals, ensure medication compliance, view graphs, set alerts and communicate virtually with patients. When used in someone’s home, telehealth technology supports aging and healing in place rather than a hospital, nursing home or other health care facility. The technology also brings service to rural areas in a cost effective and efficient manner. As health care evolves, Moraine Park’s partnership with grandCARE will continue to provide cutting- edge educational opportunities for students and instructors.

For more information on Moraine Park’s Nursing program or any of its health care programs, visit morainepark.edu/programs.

For more information on the grandCARE, visit grandCARE.com.

Featured Image: Moraine Park Associate Dean of Nursing Marylou Mercado, right, listens as Robin Konstanz, sales coordinator at grandCARE Systems, West Bend, explains the features of grandCARE’s telehealth monitoring system being used by Moraine Park’s Nursing program.