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GrandCare Slated to exhibit at EHX – The CEPRO EVENT

GrandCare Systems, one of the leaders in the Aging/Technology Industry, will be exhibiting and presenting several panels at this year’s EHX: The CEPRO EVENT in Orlando. Available since 2006, GrandCare is a “Smart” Activity & Tele-Wellness Monitoring & Interactive Touch System designed to keep seniors independent. Caregivers virtually access information & send pictures, messages, etc to the senior’s interactive TouchScreen. 2-Way Web Chat available. Located in the New Opportunities/Home Health Tech Pavilion: Booth(s): 629L, GrandCare’s Booth Will Feature: The GrandCare Interactive HomeBase, GrandCare Interactive Trillium & GrandCare Como Model.

What: GrandCare Exhibiting at EHX
When: March 17-19th, 2011
Where: Orlando Convention Center

More info:

Schedule At A Glance:

Wednesday March 16th 8p No-Host Bar AgeTek Meet&Greet. Peabody Hotel Main Lobby Bar. Questions? Email info@agetek.org

Thursday March 17th *SHOW FLOOR OPEN 10a – 6pm
New Opportunities Stage
CE005: How to Get Your Foot in the Door with Home Health Tech Thursday 11:00 AM-2:00 PM EST
Moderator: Laura Mitchell, VP Marketing, GrandCare Systems
Tom Morgan, Worthington Distribution
Peter Radsliff, Presto

CE018: When Grandpa Wants the Cadillac: GrandCare Systems Thursday 1:00pm-2:00pm EST
New Opportunities Stage
Host: Laura Mitchell, VP Marketing, GrandCare Systems
Jill Kerr, Home Controls
Tom Morgan, Worthington Distribution

GrandCare Informational Session Thursday 4:00pm-4:30pm EST
CE PRO Stage

Friday March 18th Show Floor Open 9am – 5p EST
CE010: Home Health Technology Solutions for Custom Integrators Friday 12:00PM -1:00P EST
New Opportunities Stage
Peter Radsliff, Chairman of AgeTek & CEO Presto
Laura Mitchell, VP Marketing, GrandCare Systems
Ken Kerr, President, Home Controls

Saturday March 19th Show Floor Open 10am – 3p

Home Health Tech WINS again!!!

I saw this today and realized how much our home health technology industry is grabbing everyone and DEMANDING attention!!!


3 Things we Learned at EHX

1) Size doesn’t necessarily matter

Ok, so you have probably heard by now that this year at EHX Spring in Orlando was much smaller in size than previous years. You also may have noticed that many of the larger players in the industry were a no-show. So as you might expect, there were those who felt disappointed. In contrast, our opinion is that despite its overall size, the show was packed with quality attendees and motivated exhibitors, most of which were eager to continue advancing an industry comeback from the darker days of the recession. So all in all, we say it was a smaller yet ‘different’ show… and we mean different in a good way.

2) New opportunities will boost the industry
If you’re not paying attention to Digital Healthcare, Digital Signage, and/or new retrofit opportunities, maybe it’s time you should. A clear winner of attention at the show was the New Opportunities section which featured a host of new technologies and ideas to expand the dealers list of services. We get a very strong impression that the days of ‘Entertainment’ being the number one driving force behind the industry are numbered. We live in a time where practicality is playing a much larger role and this is where services such as Digital Healthcare and Security begin to expand their share of the market.

3) Dealer-to-Dealer panel discussions were a big hit

Now, if you attended the show and didn’t sit down at one of the many Dealer-to-Dealer panel discussions… then yes, you likely did walk away thinking EHX wasn’t worth your time. On the other hand if you did take advantage of the included discussions and presentations, then you may have taken more from this show than any other in the past. The show featured everything from Targeting the Retrofit market to Getting Started in Digital Healthcare to EPA Lead Paint Training and many many others. Not surprisingly, these discussions were very popular and very well attended.

For more information on EHX 2010 visit www.ehxweb.com