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GrandCare Software Tour

A webinar review of the latest and greatest in GrandCare software development.

This 45 minute session will take the viewers through a tour of the GrandCare vision, sensor offerings and capabilities. We will tour the online caregiver/user remote interface and see some live examples of case studies.

Thursday, May 10th 1 – 1:45pm Central 


http://www.grandcaresystems.webex.com GrandCare staff will be available on the webinar for a question/answer session. This webinar will be recorded and available to the public.
All are welcome to join us!

About GrandCare Systems

GrandCare offers a senior friendly, internet enabled, private home touch screen system aimed at maintaining independence, controlling chronic conditions, and reducing hospital readmissions. It combines the technologies of smart home, activity monitoring, wellness monitoring, and social connectivity. The wellness aspect includes wireless physiological readings (weight, blood pressure, oximeter, glucometer), self assessment, and medication compliance with associated rule sets, alerts, and congregate analytics. The social aspect includes one button Skype, wellness videos, reminders, and other standard social media content aimed at reducing isolation, educating the patient, and influencing them to better self manage their health.

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