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GrandCare Featured in Smart Money Magazine!

GrandCare Featured in Smart Money Magazine!!!
Gadgets for Grandma
HomeBase home monitoring system
GrandCare Systems; 262-338-6147
GrandCare products combine telehealth and social-connection technology: their sensors transmit information such as blood pressure readings, while their touchscreen monitors give clients easy access to e-mail, news and calendar reminders. HomeBase, the company’s latest system, can monitor and provide regular updates on everything from bathroom scale readings to whether doors are opening or closing throughout a loved one’s home. Cost: $2,000 to $8,000, depending on what kind of sensors you install… That’s expensive, but not as expensive as assisted-living or nursing-home care.

Read more: HomeBase Monitoring System: Gadgets for Grandma – Personal Finance – Retirement – SmartMoney.com http://www.smartmoney.com/Personal-Finance/Retirement/gadgets-for-grandma/?page=7#ixzz0zoQbtGGJ

CORRECTION: Pricing of the GrandCare System can range between $2500-$8000 with a monthly software maintenance & Call-out amount – – This can average out to between $15-$25/day (compared to $200 – $600 per day for skilled care). We have dealers throughout the country, Canada & Australia. There are payment plans options available as well as rental & leasing options. Please contact info@grandcare.com for more info – watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD0qdEZd1PM Thanks to Peter from Smart Money Magazine for covering this important topic of aging & technology and including GrandCare Systems.