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GrandCare Connects Computer Reluctant Seniors

Senior Life Magazine Article

System keeps seniors connected, monitored with wireless sensors

GrandCare connects
computer reluctant seniors
By george white
There is a reluctance to join the computer
age among many seniors, leaving
family and friends feeling unconnected
as their loved ones age and struggle to
remain independent.
Aging responsibly, with the help of
new technology, is the goal of Grand-
Care Systems, which provides not only
a user-friendly computer access but also
a variety of wireless sensors to report
wellness and activity.
“Essentially our thoughts are that,
with all the technology we have, no
one should live without safety and we
have ways to keep them connected,
even if they live in a facility,’’ said
GrandCare director of Business
relations Laura Mitchell.
A simple touch screen menu allows
access to family videos and photos, as
well as email, and also offers activities
for fun and to remain mentally fit. Family
members can send communications
and reminders for appointments directly
to the touch screen that requires no
technical expertise.
Authorized family members and
caregivers can access reports from
wireless sensors including scales, thermometers,
blood pressure and blood
sugar monitors. There is even a motion
detector that can tell if medications have
been taken on time.
“Caregivers can log into the Website
and get this information and also set up
parameters to be notified if there shows
a problem,’’ Mitchell said.
Information can be sent by a
dedicated channel on television or to
computers via a secure link on the
Internet, she said.
“This is a dedicated system to keep
your loved ones independent and safe
through wireless sensors in the home
and it can be customized for the
individual,’’ she said.
The GrandCare system came on the
market in 2006.
For more information, visit the Web
site www.GrandCare.com

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