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Bob Ellwood in Cadillac Miller-Meteor Sentinel

If Remote Support is Needed in Your Neighborhood, Who You Gonna Call? Bob Ellwood

More and more disability support organizations are incorporating remote support into their list of existing services. Remote support is not only more efficient with staff hours, it’s also an inherently more independent way to receive support. Because we make the premier technology platform to facilitate remote support, GrandCare has been growing to meet that increasing demand. Who’s going to take care of all these new customers? That’s where Bob comes in.

Robert “Bob” Ellwood earned a degree in criminal justice from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With designs on law school, he decided to first take a couple of years off to work at a juvenile detention center. Bob found this kind of work so rewarding that he changed his law school plans and embarked on a 15-year stretch in human services, playing a variety of roles. Bob knows what it is to be on the front line, caring for those who need it.

Working in human services led to a sales position at a personal emergency response system. And, earlier this year, Bob was recruited as the latest addition to the GrandCare sales team.

GrandCare, which has had staff positioned in the Midwest and West Coast for several years, is thrilled to have representation now on the East Coast, where Bob lives.

Being the new guy means he’s learning more about GrandCare every day.

“The coolest feature [about the GrandCare touchscreen] is customization,” Bob said when asked what he found unique about GrandCare. “No two touchscreens are the same, not just the fact people may have different rules for motion or activity, but having your own videos, playing the games you want, stuff like that. Really leads to higher usage. So different from the PERS industry, where I’d frequently tell people the systems are no good if the user doesn’t want it. People want the fun stuff – videos, games, etc. They come for the videos, stay for the med reminders or motion sensors.”

In his spare time, Bob enjoys cheering for, and being driven mad by, his beloved NY Mets, NY Giants, and NY Islanders, reading, history, attending his daughter’s sporting events, horse racing (“I owned 1% of a horse once”), and spending time with friends and family. Bob lives with his wife and 8-year-old daughter just outside of Philadelphia.

Want to talk to Bob about your organization’s remote support needs? Contact us.