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Rounding the Circle of Love: Growing Up As She Grows Old

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“How many of us will need to care for aging parents?” … “Fact filled book with easy reference. When you keep an elder in her home, she receives more personalized care than might otherwise be the case. Her world can be adapted to meet her needs, something that might not be possible within an institutional setting. Because it offers these obvious advantages among many others residential care has become a national trend. In spite of this, a strong warning seems warranted. Though it is often described in glowing terms, this arrangement demands a great deal from caregivers, placing them under considerable stress.”

GrandCare Systems featured in Harriet Tramer’s newest book.

We are happy to support author and journalist Harriet Tramer as she shares with us her discoveries and insights on caring for an aging parent. Not only is this book a fantastic resource guide, but it also provides support to caregivers. Harriet knows first hand how daunting and demanding providing long term care can be, and offers valuable ideas and worthwhile technologies that can turn distress into success.

GrandCare Systems is featured in ‘Chapter 7 – Alternatives to Residential Care’ under “Living at Home but Monitored Electronically”. The book contains a total of 8 fascinating chapters: Care Givers and Stress, One Size Does Not Fit All, Building Memories, How One Woman Came to Value Art Therapy, Paying the Bills, Can She Come Home?, Alternatives to Residential Care, and One Family’s Story. These chapters include valuable information on finding a adult day center that’s right for you, how to take advantage of respite care, finding help, and makes the top studies on aging simple to read and easy to understand.

Thank you Harriet for the great opportunity and congratulations on your book.