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Why is it hard to sell technology to the aging industry? What do you think??

Thursday Dec 10th at 2pm EST, bunch of us are getting together and having a roundtable discussion on sales techniques and obstacles in the aging and technology industry. Please join in to listen or share your thoughts with us on this interactive forum. OPEN TO ANYONE & EVERYONE IN THE AGING and/or TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY.

Join us 2pm EST/1pm CST. Just go to: www.dimdim.com, meeting room: grandcare
Dial in info listed on the webinar!

1. What have your experiences been selling technology to the aging population and their families?
2. Where have you seen the most success?
3. Where the least?
4. THE CLOSE!! The 20 billion dollar question! How do you go from interest to the install?
5. What are some hurdles that you see in this industry? Is it the technology itself? Is it the price? Is it that the aging population refuses to admit they may need help? Is it that the family is in denial that they need help? Maybe a little bit of all? FEEDBACK DESIRED!

Please Join us for this interesting conversation, contribute & learn. Like we always say, REMEMBER, the aging tsunami will FLOAT ALL BOATS! Or as Michael Sarfatti (SmartSilvers) wisely said, We can either hang together or we can hang alone!

These Aging and Technology Conferences are hosted weekly by GrandCare Systems. These webinar/calls were designed to learn from each other, cooperate, share information & network in the 20 billion dollar aging and technology industry. All are welcome! To receive weekly notifications on the call topics, please register here: http://dealerwww.grandcare.com
GrandCare is a complete communication, cognition and wellness assessment system to address physical needs of our aging population, keep caregivers informed and at ease, while addressing the socialization, cognition and connectivity needs of seniors today! Visit www.grandcare.com. GrandCare is now accepting dealers. Email gcsales@homecontrols.com for more information!

Thanks and Keep the Vision!
Laura H Mitchell
GrandCare Systems