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GrandCare to PITCH and showcase at AgeTech West in Seattle

GrandCare has been selected as a “PITCH FOR PILOT” Candidate at the upcoming AgeTech West conference in Seattle.  GrandCare will be pitching a brand new product model designed for aging organizations to better manage patient chronic conditions, mitigate hospital readmission risks, successfully transition patients from hospital to home and adhere to true patient-centered care with GrandCare technology playing the centerpiece.

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WHEN: Nov. 17-18, 2014 #syncinseattle

WHERE: Seattle, Washington Hyatt Olive 8 Downtown

IV. Live 2014 Pitch-for-Pilots, real-time voting by Holleran

Facilitator: Stephen Johnson, co-founder, Aging2.0 and partner, Generator Ventures

The 2nd Annual “Pitch for Pilots” (P4P) live pitch in partnership with Aging2.0 will provide the opportunity for 8-10 innovative companies to pitch in front of hundreds of long-term care providers. This year AgeTech is welcoming participation by start-ups as well as established companies with a new product launch. The P4P gives aging service providers an opportunity to get a jump-start down the road of strategic innovation and technology adoption.

More info on the conference:

This year’s conference will explore how technology can better synchronize aging services with consumer desires to transform the aging “user experience” for older adults and aging service providers alike.

Older adults will be directly involved in providing feedback and experiences on what they find appealing and empowering about various technologies – and what’s not – through interactive forums and “sync-ups.” Aging service providers will also give accounts of their experience in piloting new technologies to better meet older adult needs and desires.

Leaders in aging technology from the Seattle-based companies like Microsoft and A Place for Mom, as well as Google, Panasonic, Intel, Care Innovations, Caremerge, LivWell Health and several aging service providers will be addressing the bigger picture of how innovation and technology will continue to revolutionize services by better responding to consumer preferences and focusing on the aging experience.

The bottom line is that norms have changed; technology innovation offers real opportunities for better, more person-centered and efficient care and services for older adults. Service providers, payers and policy makers need to think differently about how care is provided, innovative work-processes and modify programs to take advantage of what technology has to offer in leveraging staff and improving service to sync with consumer needs and desires.

Knute Nelson and GrandCare Systems Present Seminar on Technology Empowered Caregivers at Silicon Valley Conference

November 7, 2013

Katie Perry, Foundation Executive Director
Knute Nelson
Direct: 320-763-1153


Knute Nelson and GrandCare Systems Present Seminar on Technology Empowered Caregivers at Silicon Valley Conference

Knute Nelson, a leading senior care provider, and digital health remote monitoring pioneer, GrandCare Systems, have been selected to present “The New Care Professional: Powered by Digital Health Technology” at the AgeTech West Conference November 14-15, 2013, in San Jose, Calif. The AgeTech West conference entitled, “Aging Services Meets Silicon Valley: Creating the Future of Care” aims to arm aging organizations with guidance, support and the latest enabling technologies to create the best, most efficient and highly innovative aging service organizations.

“With the convergence of an aging population, declining percentage of care practitioners, and rapidly evolving technological capabilities — all at a time of healthcare reform — aging service providers have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage technology to help people remain healthy and independent as they age,” says AgeTech West Executive Director Scott Peifer.

Daphne Karpan, Registered Nurse and Palliative Care Manager at Knute Nelson, will present alongside Vice President of Business Development for GrandCare Systems, Laura Mitchell. Together, they will demonstrate how caregiving organizations like Knute Nelson are utilizing digital health and activity monitoring technologies to change and better the way caregiving services are deployed, without compromising quality.

GrandCare is an all-in-one, in-home monitoring and sensor technology that enhances direct client care to promote aging in place. Using a small, touch screen monitor placed in a client’s home, both clients and their families are able to access resources on topics such as health and wellness, bereavement and chronic disease education. GrandCare allows clients, caregivers and nursing professionals the ability to access essential client information to monitor and ensure proactive health care interventions. GrandCare also promotes family connectivity through video chat and multi-media sharing features.

“Knute Nelson has proven to be a visionary, creative and innovative partner,” said GrandCare’s, Laura Mitchell. “The professional caregiving industry is embracing technology solutions to positively impact patient care. Knute Nelson is a great example for others who want to see how it is done.”

The Knute Nelson Foundation was awarded two separate grants to introduce GrandCare technologies to palliative care and hospice clients throughout a 25-county west central Minnesota region where Knute Nelson serves. The grants were awarded by the Blandin Foundation and the Minnesota Department of Human Services through their Community Services/Service Development Program.

For information on Knute Nelson Home Care and Hospice visit www.knutenelson.org or call 320-759-1273.

About Knute Nelson
Knute Nelson, a 501c3 non-profit, faith-based corporation, is an innovative leader in senior housing and health care that offers a full family of services to the West Central Minnesota region. Knute Nelson Home Care and Hospice offer services provided in the comfort of an individual’s home ranging from skilled nursing care, physical/occupational/speech therapies, medication and pain management, smart home technology solutions and home health aide services throughout a 25-county region in West Central Minnesota. Persons of any age qualify for service.

About GrandCare
Since 2005, GrandCare Systems has provided the most comprehensive caregiving technology on the market, enabling individuals to remain safe, healthy and happy at home. GrandCare’s simple, touch platform enables a Resident to view pictures, receive incoming messages, watch videos, video chat with family, listen to music and play fun games. Using a series of wireless activity and telehealth devices, GrandCare can alert designated caregivers by phone, email or text if anything seems amiss (medications not accessed, glucose levels not taken, abnormal activity, etc.)

About AgeTech West
AgeTech West is a collaborative founded by LeadingAge California, LeadingAge Oregon and LeadingAge Washington advancing the delivery of tech-enabled aging services toward a new standard of care.


Announcements from Leading Technology Companies to Occur at Conference Highlighting the Imperative of Technology-Enabled Care for Older Californians

Please note that GrandCare Systems will be exhibiting at the AgeTech Conference in California on November 15th. We will be in booth 250
See the floor plan http://cahsah.org/educational_events/Expo/AgeTechExpoHall.asp


November 3, 2011

Contact: Kristy Oriol

Tel: 916- 469-3383

Announcements from Leading Technology Companies to Occur at Conference Highlighting the Imperative of Technology-Enabled Care for Older Californians

Pasadena, California – November 15, 2011 AgeTech California, a joint initiative between the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) and Aging Services of California, will host California’s premier provider technology event – the Annual AgeTech California Conference & Technology Expo at the Hilton Hotel in Pasadena, California from 8am-5:30pm. Attendees of this conference will learn from leading experts about “Tech-enabled Care Management at Home: Our Future Imperative.” Experts will provide cutting edge information on technology-enabled care and business models that reposition wellness and health care in the place people call home, saving scarce resources while delivering the most satisfying products and services to older Californians. In addition, twenty industry technology companies will showcase their products and services in this intimate setting.

“As we age, our technologies can become even more valuable to us, but it is not about the next ‘gifted gadget.’ Instead, the most useful technologies will be those that present intuitive and unobtrusive solutions that foster connectedness while preserving autonomy and independence,” said Dr. Joseph Smith, Chief Medical and Science Officer at the San Diego-based West Wireless Health Institute. Dr. Smith will be delivering the closing keynote presentation.

Media is invited to attend an interactive lunch session where exhibitors will discuss new product launches and advances in eCare technology. Product announcements include:

· AOD Software becoming the first and currently only Electronic Health Record to be CCHIT Certified® 2011 LTPAC. This will advance the progress of Electronic Health Records to meet the achievements of other areas of healthcare like inpatient and ambulatory settings. This makes long term care well positioned to participate in the future of Accountable Care Organizations and interoperabilityAOD Press Release

· Dakim’s BrainFitness upgrade of their touch screen platform to showcase its award-winning brain boosting program Dakim Press Release

· GrandCare’s collaboration with CoroHealth, providing musical therapy for seniors GrandCare Press Release

The interactive luncheon interviews will be facilitated by Cindy Campbell, Associate Director, Operational Consulting of Fazzi Associates, and Tim Rowan, Editor of the HomeCare Technology Report. In a statement by Cindy Campbell, she discusses the necessity of affordable and accessible healthcare delivery systems supported by available technologies:

“Mounting levels of chronic disease represent an unmet and human need for care management. Within this need, there is a growing divide in quality healthcare delivery between the haves and have-nots. More than half of bankruptcies in the U.S. are being driven by healthcare cost, many of those in the insured population. Solving this problem requires affordable solutions. A clear and accessible path for today is to move care to the least expensive and least restrictive location – the patient’s home – whenever possible. Fully leveraging the existing expertise of home health and hospice providers and eCare technologies can result in more effective, less expensive, more accessible care”.

Tim Rowan goes on to say:

“Today’s elderly may express a strong preference to remain in their homes as they age and need more and more health care services but the Baby Boomer generation will demand it when they reach their 70’s and 80’s. Fortunately, advances in home-based healthcare technologies make it possible to deliver high-quality care in the patient’s home at a fraction of costs incurred at in-patient facilities. There is legitimate reason for concern, however, as private and government payers continue to be slow to acknowledge the superior care quality and net savings that accrue from the use of in-home “eCare” technologies. Forcing avoidable hospital admissions, which always follow when unattended conditions worsen, foolishly sacrifices long-term cost reductions for short-term savings”.

Beth Hennessey, Executive Director of Integrated Chronic Care with Sutter Care at Home will deliver the morning keynote presentation. She comments on the potential of technology driven care models for chronic care management:

“We advocate that chronic care management be the starting point of national healthcare reform by re-focusing home and community providers as an ‘army at the ready’, utilizing a proven high-touch, high-tech care delivery model. With the implementation of this model, homecare providers across the nation have successfully demonstrated positive outcomes in patient experience, quality of care, and affordability. Imperative to this model’s success is the integration of technology supporting the needs of patients, families, and providers across the healthcare system”.

Scott Peifer, AgeTech California’s executive director surmises that “Ultimately, such models are the future imperative for sustainable wellness, sustainable resources and sustainable aging services and home care organizations.”

The interactive lunch will be held from 12PM-1PM and media interviews will occur after the lunch in the expo hall and in the San Jose Board Room. Contact Kristy Oriol to schedule interviews, Koriol@aging.org, 916-469-3383. For more information on the conference, visit the event web site.

AgeTech California was established to promote the use of advanced health and wellness technologies by aging services and home care providers throughout California. Its primary focus is on technologies that enable older Californians’ aging in “connected independence” with safety and security, personal health maintenance, successful management of chronic disease, early detection of illness, and prevention of acute episodes. Such technologies include telehealth, electronic health records, sensor telemonitoring, remote medication management, safety technologies, and cognitive fitness among others that enable eCare and personal wellness while enhancing caregiving and cost efficiency. AgeTech is a programmatic partnership of Aging Services of California and the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH).



9-15 GrandCare Aging/Tech Topic: State-Level Aging Services Technology Provider and Policy Initiatives

Every Thursday at 2p ET (1p CT), GrandCare Systems hosts an aging & technology industry call.

Thursday, 9-9-10, 2p Eastern Time
Topic: State-Level Aging Services Technology Provider and Policy Initiatives

Scott Peifer, MPPA, MSW, Associate Director Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) speaks

The State of Technology in Aging Services in Ohiohttp://www.aahsa.org/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=11941&libID=11955
CAST, AAHSA in partnership with Association of Ohio Philanthropic Homes, Housing and Services for the Aging (AOPHA) released its fourth of a series of state-level reports on technology in aging services – September 2010

Join us: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
Optional Dial In listed on the webinar

Scott Peifer serves as Associate Director of the Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST), a program of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA). In this capacity, Scott leads CAST’s state-level policy efforts to educate and advocate for the advancement of aging services technologies to improve the aging experience. Scott previously served as Policy Director of Aging for Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, leading the policy and legislative activities of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, and served as a Legislative Director in the Pennsylvania State Senate. Scott began his policy experience in California, first working for the California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (now Aging Services of California), and as lead staff of the California State Senate Subcommittee on Aging and Long-term Care. Scott has earned a Master of Public Policy and Administration and a Master of Social Work from California State University, Sacramento.

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