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Geek News Central Interviews GrandCare Founder, Charlie Hillman

Geek News Central
Grandcare: Keeping the Senior Citizen Independent

Andy McCasky and Esbjorn Larsen spoke to Charles Hillman, PE of Grandcare. Grandcare goal is to help seniors stay in their home, while allowing the caregiver to have peace of mind. The system consists of a central unit similar to a TiVo box that connects to any size TV or monitor. Then a series of motion sensors can placed around the house that measure motions.

There is also a wellness system that can measure blood pressure, weight and other health measurements. The monitor has a series of buttons, that can be set by and changed by the caregiver. The buttons can be big as needed and give a tactile feed back to the senior citizen. On the buttons are pictures to indicate who or what the senior will connect to. Push a button and the senior citizen is connected with a family member through Skype or a video plays that the caregiver has chosen for the senior citizen, the possibilities are endless.

The Grandcare system is set up to prevent malware and virus, and unwanted communication to the senior citizen. It is simple to use and no computer knowledge is necessary by the senior citizen. Grandcare has distributors and dealers that install the system.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News. and Esbjorn Larsen of MrNetCast.com.

Watch the video Here

NOTE – – The Current Activity & Wellness Sensors Available from GrandCare Systems are here
Tele-Wellness Sensors Currently Available for Retail: Blood Pressure, Weight Scale, Medication Dispenser. (Glucometer & Pulse Oximeter available pending FDA Approval)