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New York Times Technologies to Help Seniors during Quarantine

GrandCare featured in New York Times story on Technologies to Help Seniors during Quarantine

“Technology can help families monitor the health and safety of older people kept from their families by the coronavirus,” according to the New York Times. In a story by Susan B. Garland, GrandCare was highlighted as a tool that helps seniors stay “fiercely independent” while providing their adult children with peace of mind.

In the story, titled “Did Mom Take Her Medicine? Keeping Eyes on Elders in Quarantine,” GrandCare customer Norman Potter explained why he purchased a GrandCare for his mother. According to the story:

“In mid-March, as the coronavirus was spreading, Mr. Potter installed a platform made by GrandCare Systems in his mother’s house that she enjoys using to video chat with her grandchildren — but of equal interest to her son are its motion sensor and two vital-sign devices.”

“Because of his mother’s respiratory issues, Mr. Potter said he and his sister were not comfortable visiting unless they were first tested for the coronavirus, although two people who live nearby check on her. ‘The monitoring allows me a sense of peace that she is up and starting her day,’ he said.”

GrandCare integrates with telehealth devices, such as blood pressure monitors, weight scales, pulse oximeters, and glucometers, and wirelessly transmit the readings from the device to the GrandCare. The story explains:

“Mr. Potter can log into a portal to view the results, which are delivered via a wireless connection in his mother’s house. If either level is out of whack, Mr. Potter, who owns a home health agency, receives a text. When his mother’s oxygen levels dropped one day, Mr. Potter called to remind her to insert the nasal tube that connects to her oxygen supply device. He also is notified if a motion sensor in the hallway that leads from her bedroom to the kitchen does not detect movement after 10 a.m., her usual waking time.”

“I feel comforted knowing that they are watching over me.” – Esther McKee

Another GrandCare client, Esther McKee, has used and enjoyed her GrandCare for eight years. She especially enjoys the ease of video chatting with her children and grandchildren.

Before the pandemic, Esther McKee, 79, went to church, volunteered and visited with friends and two daughters who live nearby. Now, she said, she “would not have my sanity” without the video-chat feature on the GrandCare system she has had for eight years.

By pressing a name on the touch screen, Ms. McKee, who lives alone in a two-bedroom apartment in a 55-plus community in West Bend, Wis., can see any of her three daughters, six grandchildren and many nieces. Nearly every weekday at noon, she and a daughter who lives in Florida eat lunch together by their screens.

McKee also enjoys the peace of mind in knowing that her loved ones will know if she needs help. Her system includes motion sensors in several rooms, and door sensors on her front door and refrigerator.

“I feel comforted knowing that they are watching over me,” she said.

Read the full story.

Michael Neuvirth Reviews GrandCare Systems

Home Care Services And Monitoring At The Touch Of A Finger

Michael Neuvirth give GrandCare Systems a Four and a half Star Review

This Review covers a product and technology that has been helping Caregivers since 2005. It is specifically designed to let your loved ones enjoy a high quality of life – while living in their own homes.

Visit Caregiver Reviews online at caregiverreviews.com

Easy To Use, Feature Rich Home Care System

GrandCare Systems combines digital health, biometric readings,  daily living sensing, medication management, smart home automation, video chat and virtual touch-based communications into a comprehensive home care monitoring system.

Caregivers can virtually engage with a loved one, regardless of geographic location.The simple to use, touch-based platform lets your loved one look at family photos, get, read and send “email”, watch videos and conduct video chats, listen to their favorite songs, play games – and more.

Created By Caregivers For Caregivers


I spoke with the very nice people at Grandcare. We discussed pricing and they told me that each customer has his/her own specific needs and should end up with a system that suits those particular, specific needs. Grandcare told me that the best way for the customer to get started with Grandcare and learn about the particular pricing is to contact Grandcare directly via a very short questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire here.

Grandcare told me that their goal is for each customer to get the perfect system that suits their need and the questionnaire is the first step in the process. After you submit the questionnaire, Grandcare will contact you directly.

After speaking with Grandcare, it was clear to me that they will not push you to buy more than you need. There is no obligation to buy and they are really good at answering your questions.

I am honored to have included GrandCare in the very first dedicated review site for Caregivers – Caregiver Reviews

Initially, we are only reviewing sites that we know really help Caregivers and improve their quality of life and the quality of life of their loved ones.

Caregivers are extremely busy and we will not waste their time telling
them what not to read – rather we are focusing only on sites like GrandCare – that truly help Caregivers everyday…


Michael Neuvirth
Caregiver Reviews

Grandcare’s system gives Caregivers peace of mind – plus the entertainment and socialization features are great for your loved ones. So, just for this – I highly recommend that you check it out further.

The Next Step Please visit Grandcare’s website, submit the questionnaire and learn more about Grandcare yourself.

Take a look at Michael’s full review of the GrandCare System.

Another Great Piece from Savvy Seniors’ Jim Miller

What types of new home technologies can you recommend to help me keep tabs on my elderly mother? She lives alone, about an hour’s drive from me, and I worry about her safety.

— Concerned Daughter

BRADENTON HERALD – Helping an aging parent remain independent and living in their own home has become a little easier in recent years, thanks to a host of new and improved assistive technology products. Here are some top rated options you should know about.


Monitoring systems

System Comp TRANS HR03-13

GrandCare offers a wide variety of sensors and devices for customers to choose from.

Another more sophisticated technology for keeping tabs on your mom is with a home monitoring system. These systems will let you know whether she is waking up and going to bed on time, eating properly, showering and taking her medicine.

They work through small wireless sensors (not cameras) placed in key locations throughout the home. The sensors will track her movements, learning her daily activity patterns and routines, and will notify you or other family members via text message, email or phone if something out of the ordinary is happening. For instance, if she went to the bathroom and didn’t leave it could indicate a fall or other emergency.

You can also check up on her patterns anytime you want through the system’s password-protected website. And for additional protection, most services offer SOS call buttons as well that can be placed around the house, or worn.

Some good companies that offer these services are BeClose (beclose.com, 866-574-1784), which runs $399 or $499 for the sensors, plus a $69 monthly service fee if paid a year in advance. And GrandCare Systems (grandcare.com, 262-338-6147), which adds a fantastic social component – through a senior-friendly computer – to go along with the activity monitoring. GrandCare leases for $150 to $300 per month.

Medication management

Med Minder

MedMinder provides the only pill dispensers with their own, built-in Cellular connection.

If you want to make sure your mom is keeping up with her medications, there are medication management devices you can now rent, that will dispense her medicine on schedule, provide constant reminders, and even notify you if her medicine is not taken. Two products that offer this are MedMinder (medminder.com, 888-633-6463), which rents for $40 per month, and the Philips Medication Dispensing Service (managemypills.com, 888-632-3261) that costs $75/month.

Jim Miller, a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of “The Savvy Senior” book, can be reached at Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070.
Or visit www.savvysenior.org.

Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2013/05/07/4514595/assistive-technologies-that-help.html#storylink=cpy

Senior Tech on the TODAY Show: Including a Great Overview of the GrandCare HomeBase

Tech gear to help seniors stay independent

NBC’s The TODAY Show, Tech Today
Aired on February 06, 2013

Home Tech - Today Show

There are more than 40 million people age 65 and older in the U.S., and helping them remain independent and safe in their own homes has gotten much easier thanks to new assistive technology products. “Savvy Senior” columnist Jim Miller shares telephone systems, pill dispensers, and more.

Savvy Senior logoThe Savvy Senior: A national information service devoted to older Americans and the families who support them. Through a variety of media, Savvy Senior provides information and resources through its nationally syndicated newspaper column, senior newswire service, resource books, weekly radio program and television features on NBC, CNBC, CNN and Retirement Living TV.

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Tennessee GrandCare Representative, Golden Age Technology, featured on KnoxNews.com

Home health technology is gaining ground, as more and more boomers and seniors learn about the possibilities these technologies can provide in ensuring the safety and well being of those who wish to remain independent in their own homes.

Wireless technologies can provide users with a means to record and track health information, such as blood pressure and glucose levels, as well as help keep track of advanced medication schedules, provide reminders and dosing information and contact caregivers if medications are not taken.  Communications now go beyond the simple email, often including video chat, Facebook feeds and YouTube videos.  Motion, door and bed sensors can be used to verify that all is well in the home, or to alert caregivers if something is amiss.

Golden Age uses technology to help seniors stay independent

www.knoxnews.com | Hugh G. Willett


“The graying of America continues to create opportunities for entrepreneurs who find widespread demand for solutions they developed to meet the needs of their own families.

Kyra and Jim Clements of Harriman founded Golden Age Technology after confronting the challenge of helping to care for her elderly parents.[…]

Golden Age uses modern sensor technology, including sensors for beds, chairs, bathrooms and kitchens. These sensors can detect and measure a variety of activities including motion, sound, temperature, timing and lighting.

A home network equipped with these sensors can determine where the occupants are in the house, whether they are in the bed or the bedroom, the bathroom or the kitchen. The sensors can also measure how long the occupants spend in one place and whether or not they have used appliances or lighting. […]

The sensors work with service providers including GrandCare and Close By, companies that can provide monitoring and communications for a monthly fee that varies from $40 to $80 depending on the type of service.”

 The full article can be found online on KnoxNews.com 

KnoxNews, May 22nd, 2012 at 4 a.m.

“PERS – More Than a Button & a Box”?! May 3rd

Join GrandCare Systems Thursday, May 3rd
for the Aging & Technology Webinar.

“PERS – More Than a Button & a Box”?!
With guest speaker Bill Lyon

PERS should be both a reactive and a proactive service solution. PERS anticipates that living independently has ever-changing challenges, with many that may be easily managed by a consumer in combination with her family, her friends and her neighbors.

It is about taking control; it is about managing one’s lifestyle to maximize independence; it is about family connectivity continuously and not the PERS of the 80s that concentrated on those most at-risk and ignored the rest. It’s about broadly engaging the majority population while serving the chronic care consumer . . . this is the Care-Anywhere PERS services in the second decade of the 21st century.

Our Speaker

Bill Lyon is Director, Product & Business Development at LifeStation (a Top 5 M’Health Services Company).  As the President at Visonic Americas & VP Corporate Strategic Business Development, for 10 years prior to LifeStation, accomplishments included worldwide business development for their PERS brand family, with a concentration on the successful launch in the Americas.  His 7 years at LifeLine, as the VP Sales/Marketing (’86-’93), were the strategically formative years when PERS became an important healthcare business channel, expanding from acute care to senior living, consumer direct and at-home care segments .

Thursday, May 3rd 2pm ET – 1pm CT
Call in: 1-408-600-3600 Pin:665 632 100#
More information