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Virtual chats with grandCARE relieves loneliness, enhances happiness

Virtual Chats With grandCARE Can Help Fight Loneliness in the Elderly

Products Like GrandCare Can Help You Stay In Touch With Loved Ones and Reduce Isolation and Loneliness.

Social isolation does more than just make our elderly lonely. More recent research suggests that loneliness is actually a predictor of functional decline and even death. A study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine late in 2012 showed that for adults who are over the age of 60, loneliness can have adverse health effects. It can worsen existing medical conditions, as well as contribute to new ones.

But many elders have trouble using computers to stay in touch.

Esther using Skype with Laura's Son

So what can families and long distance caregivers do to help fight loneliness in their senior loved one?

  1. If your loved one is able to get out and about in their community but they no longer drive, arrange transportation for them. The local agency on aging or senior center can be a good resource to help you with this. Most maintain a list of quality, reliable senior transportation services. They can also connect you with events and activities your loved one can participate in close to home.
  2. Talk with local religious organizations to see what senior services they offer. Many have friendly visitor programs with volunteers who make house calls to provide companionship. Most can also arrange transportation to weekly services.
  3. Consider employing the services of a companion, homemaker,  personal care assistant, or live-in caregiver. They not only provide your loved one with help around the house, but also a friendly visitor to chat with a few days each week, or around the clock.
  4. Technology can also provide a variety of solutions. One that allows you to have a virtual face-to-face conversation once or twice a day with your older family member is GrandCare. This senior-friendly system doesn’t require a keyboard or a mouse to operate. It requires only a simple touch of the screen to open a video connection.  Adult children and grandchildren can video chat and share the daily news with their aging family member. GrandCare also allows caregivers to send reminders about appointments and medications and to share family photos. The senior can even send voice emails with this system.

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grandCARE receives 9.7 out of 10 on the Senior List Product Review

Product Review: grandCARE

The Senior List (read the entire review here)

GrandCare Systems
9.7 out of 10

I get really excited about new technologies, systems, and emerging companies.  Especially if they’re built with the goal of making peoples lives more livable.   GrandCARE Systems is one of those companies that’s easy to get behind!  GrandCARE Systems is a communication tool, care management asset and activity-sensor-hub all wrapped up in an easy-to-use touchscreen device.

Connectivity Tools For Seniors

The grandCARE System offers connectivity for seniors.  It keeps them connected to family members, caregivers, and healthcare providers alike.  Family members are able to share photos, videos, and messages through the care portal (which can be accessed through any device with an internet connection).  Caregivers can set up activity reminders and medication prompts.  Medication reminders take on a whole new look with photos of pills and dosing information.

Healthcare providers are able to set up sensors around the home that can detect motion, establish sleep patterns and even send an alert if the refrigerator door has not been opened in the morning.  The system also supports telehealth devices such as blood pressure monitors, scales, pulse oximeters, glucometers, and thermometers.   All of this can be done while monitoring and engaging even the most technology-averse seniors.GrandCare Systems offers connectivity to seniors

GrandCARE allows every person involved with the senior to contribute in their own way.  It allows people to feel more integrated into their loved ones lives. — Daphne Karpan, Home Care RN

Thegrandcare systems communication tool grandCARE touch screen interface is very easy for the front end-user, presumably an older adult that may not be familiar with computers or modern tech.  It’s also easy for family, caregivers and providers who are connected on the back-end.  Monitoring seniors at home can make a great deal of sense.  GrandCARE just makes it easier!  Personally, I can also see this system being a welcome addition to any long distance family member situation.  Family members can easily send photos, videos and personal notes to share.

We reviewed a competitor of grandCARE in the past called Video Care.  Even though Video Care isn’t around anymore, their users have been incorporated into the grandCARE system.

 VideoCare used different hardware than grandCARE but we invested in testing our software to the point we can simply send VideoCare customers a USB drive that installs GrandCare on their current VideoCare touch PC.   It has made a number of people happy and we are proud to almost seamlessly migrate clients and their caregivers from VideoCare to grandCARE with almost no interruption in service. — Jerry Furness, COO of grandCARE

GrandCare Systems Monitor

GrandCARE Systems (grandCARE) recently released MediKall, which is a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant video chat for providers to talk to clients and patients about medical conditions.  HIPPA compliance means your medical and personal information is protected/safe. GrandCARE can be used with a wired or wi-fi internet connection, so it’s a very flexible solution.

Buying a grandCARE System

Cost is $699 for the system and requires a $49 monthly subscription.  There are no additional charges for use of health devices, sensors, or alerts.  Some users are able to access this system through their home care, home health, hospice, or senior care living facility at a reduced cost.  Ask your provider if they have grandCARE connected into their network.  If you’re interested in the grandCARE System for a family member or a friend, by being a member of The Senior List community, you can receive 10% off of the purchase price.  Tell them you read about it here!

GrandCare Systems

$699 + $49 monthly

GrandCare Systems

Easy of Use 9.5/10

Scalability 9.8/10

Access from Anywhere 9.9/10

Accessible from Multiple Devices 9.9/10


  • – Can be used in any setting
  • – Socialization
  • – Activity Monitoring
  • – Telehealth Recording
  • – Medication Management

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    • Thanks Amie. I did speak to the director of product development at GrandCare today to determine if my grandmother’s dementia would prevent her from using this. The interface is completely customizable so that we are able to remove all but video conference button. If she is still unable to understand how to use the unit, it can be controlled remotely so that we can launch the video conference and also control sound remotely and my grandmother would not need to do anything.

Knute Nelson awarded a grant to distribute GrandCare technology throughout palliative and hospice care homes

The Blandin Foundation awarded the Knute Nelson Foundation a $50,000 grant to introduce GrandCare technology to palliative care and hospice patients throughout a 25-county west central Minnesota region where Knute Nelson services.  Knute Nelson is being supported by GrandCare’s distribution partner, Cybermation.

GrandCare is a technology that supports aging & healing in place.

Since 2005, GrandCare Systems has provided the most comprehensive caregiving technology on the market, enabling individuals to remain safe, healthy and happy at home. GrandCare’s simple, touch platform enables a Resident to view pictures, receive incoming messages, watch videos, video chat with family, listen to music and play fun games. Using a series of wireless activity and telehealth devices, GrandCare can alert designated caregivers by phone, email or text if anything seems amiss (medications not accessed, glucose levels not taken, abnormal activity, etc.).

GrandCare starts with a large touchscreen in the patient’s room where both patients and their families can access health and wellness information, bereavement support and chronic disease education.

GrandCare allows patients, caregivers and nursing professionals the ability to access essential patient information to monitor and ensure proactive health care interventions.

GrandCare enables medication management (prompting a patient when medications should be accessed) as well as a social connection to family through video chat, messaging and other social media type features.

For information on Knute Nelson Home Care and Hospice, visit www.knutenelson.org or call (320) 759-1273.


“Livable Cities”: What it takes for today’s cities to cater to our aging population!!

Technologies & Requirements to Enable Independence for Seniors in Cities

A musing by GrandCare founder, Charlie Hillman

GrandCare creates technology to empower the elderly to age and heal in place.  Our mission is to reduce the societal cost of long term, post acute, chronic condition, and hospice care while providing a safer, healthier, and happier life for seniors.  The notion of livable cities is of particular importance to our aging population.  Many cities, particularly those in nicer climates have seen large increases in their senior populations. Certainly part of this is the natural aging demographic of the first world, but there is clearly a movement of seniors from rural and suburban venues into the cities.

And it makes sense – cities have a number of big advantages for seniors.

  • They can walk to products and services.
  • There is mass transportation, often with senior discounts
  • There are downsized accommodations without lawn work.
  • There is easy access to senior services.
  • There is good access to healthcare, a particularly important need of seniors.

And, seniors are good for cities – they pay their taxes, they represent considerable wealth, they require services, they volunteer, they provide the wisdom of the ages, and of course, they have a pretty low crime rate.  Given all of this, a larger senior population also presents challenges to cities. Many of these seniors are the recipients of some sort of government assistance. While the federal or state government may be the ultimate payer, the Cities are often responsible for the actual frontline provision of services. Clearly the goal is to provide these services in a compassionate and yet efficient manner.

It is my contention that technology can play a vital component to meet these challenges.

Allow me to muse for a bit and describe what that technology might look like.

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INTRODUCING Brand NEW GrandCare HomeBase!!!


GrandCare Systems introduces the revolutionary HomeBase
GrandCare Systems introduces HomeBase, a new system that allows families to use the Internet to communicate and chat with disabled or aging relatives. Individuals with ZERO computer experience are now, for the first time, being VIRTUALLY and socially connected to family members and care partners across the world, without having to know or LEARN anything.

It’s that simple. GrandCare Systems’ HOMEBASE understands that everyone has different chosen methods for communicating; some virtual, some not. The HomeBase converts online communications into an easy to use, microwave-like TOUCHPANEL format for our disabled or aging loved ones.

Suppose a granddaughter wants to send an instant message to her grandfather
Or send over a Frank Sinatra music video that she knows he’ll enjoy. It’s now possible using GrandCare Systems’ HomeBase.

Perhaps a boomer child wants to share an online video of a grandchild learning to walk and follow it up with a quick Email explaining how big she’s gotten. It’s easy and quick using GrandCare Systems’ HomeBase.

Imagine your grandparent being reminded of when to mail out birthday cards, or exactly what time choir practice is tonight. The HomeBase calendar does just that!

Or maybe a wellness professional wants to use 2-way VIDEO chat to really “SEE” how well her client is doing. It’s here with GrandCare Systems’ HomeBase.

Say your great grandmother enjoys receiving messages, photographs and home videos of her growing family, without having to learn how to use a computer. It’s now a reality with GrandCare Systems’ HomeBase.

In our fast-paced, technology-oriented society, online communication is faster, more efficient and better than ever. Nobody should be excluded from connecting to family and friends, no matter where they live! HomeBase is a whole new world of communication between generations.

GrandCare HomeBase starts as low as $1995.00 (plus installation and a low monthly fee). Activity of Daily Living Sensors and Telewellness sensors can be easily integrated with the GrandCare HomeBase. For more information, or to find a local dealer in your area, please visit: www.grandcare.com or call 262-338-6147

GrandCare Systems, 2412 W.Washington St, Suite 10, West Bend, WI 53095 www.grandcare.com info@grandcare.com