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The GrandCare System was designed to help individuals stay independent at home for longer, reduce hospital readmissions, reduce the need for paid in-home staff visits, turn caregivers into “SUPER” caregivers allowing them to be multiple places at once.

Our system is simply placed into a home and offers two aspects:
1. Remote Monitoring: remotely monitor activities of daily living (sleeping, eating, med access, door openings), vitals (blood pressure, weight, pulseox, glucose). Caregivers can customize automated phone/em/text alerts (if someone doesn’t get out of bed, noncompliance, door opens during the night, etc.)

2. Communication/Socialization: 2-way interactive video chat via skype, incoming messages, emails, reminders, voicemails, games, videos, weather/news, calendar appts, etc – RIGHT on an interactive touch panel. Zero computer experience is needed.