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9-15-11 Aging &Technology Webinar – Technology in Senior Housing: Marketing Supportive Technology

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Thursday September 15th Aging/Technology Webinar:

Date: Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Time: 2pm EDT (1pm CDT / 12p MDT / 11am PDT)
Location: http://grandcaresystems.webex.com

Topic: Technology in Senior Housing: Marketing Supportive Technology

Though existing and emerging technology has great potential in improving the quality of care in senior housing, providers continue to face barriers in implementing the supportive technologies in these settings.  In this webinar, we will discuss known obstacles and describe effective ways of modifying a sales presentation to focus on the benefits to counter the barriers based on the specific needs of your audience.

Take Away Points:

  1. Accurately report benefits and challenges of implementing technology into a care plan
  2. Adapt to meet needs
  3. Quality training crucial for success

Our Speaker: Amber Lee, Prelude

As a leader in Prelude’s At Home initiative, Amber is responsible for identifying and delivering innovative solutions that improve care delivery and increase the quality of life for each family she serves.  Her dedication to creating meaningful relationships drives the extraordinary customer service that is the Prelude standard. Amber has a distinctive background in serving others who are navigating transitional decisions.  Years of working intimately with families in challenging situations has contributed to her aptitude for understand and empathizing with clients.  She has a unique ability to match technology offerings and care strategies to real life circumstances and is able to offer a fresh approach in responding to family concerns while balancing quality, efficiency, and less costly care options.

“I feel blessed that my love of people, particularly elders, has turned into a gratifying career.  I have the pleasure of interfacing with and educating families on the available resources to help mom and dad live in their own homes.”

Our Sponsor: GrandCare Systems

GrandCare combines aspects of “Smart Home” automation technology, internet communications, social networking designed for residents, telehealth assessment, activity of daily living monitoring, cognitive assists, medication management and two-way video chat technologies, into a flexible, user friendly and affordable package. Available since 2006, GrandCare Systems offers the most comprehensive and fully featured aging and technology system on the market today.

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