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GrandCare Systems interviewed by Tim Reha, Living in Digital Times at CES 2015

CES 2015 was a huge success for GrandCare Systems, as we unveiled our new brandmark logo and branding strategy, signifying a shift towards true patient centered care.  The grandCARE better care logo was designed to symbolize our better care program. In order to achieve better outcomes, we must be sure that the person engages with his/her own health and in order to get there, we have to ensure the client experience is top notch. This is what sets the grandCARE platform apart from the rest.

Tim Reha from Living in Digital Times had a chance to catch up with one of GrandCare’s founding members, Laura Mitchell, on the panel she spoke on as well as the new grandCARE brand mark and strategy.

The Digital Health Summit, http://www.digitalhealthsummit.com , produced by Living in Digital Times, convenes one of the broadest spectrum audiences which makes it a can’t miss event. Everyone from medical providers, policy makers, buyers, payers, investors, developers, leading consumer electronics companies, innovators driving the marketplace and all the other industries starting to cross-pollinate into digital health including the automotive, fitness and gaming industries.

How do we shift the technology care delivery model to a pure outcome based solution?

The Digital Health Summer Summit was a success!  The team from GrandCare was there, showcasing the latest and greatest GrandCare System, designed for patient socialization and engagement, enhancing the patient experience, while enabling professional caregivers to turn their “man on man” caregivers into “zone caregivers”, providing better, more efficient, more cost-effective care.  Watch GrandCare’s chief medical officer, Laura Mitchell as she describes the shift in market traction and why our solutions should focus on the outcomes and not on the process.

The system is a vehicle behind a successful care delivery model, while putting the patient firmly in the center and emphasizing continuity and seamless transition throughout the whole care network (family, professional caregivers, healthcare providers, patient) and encouraging patient self care (chronic disease management), socialization with family and friends and virtual professional caregiving through HIPAA compliant video chat, medication prompting and check-in video visits.

GrandCare can better care delivery outcomes for:

– Professional In-home Care providers

– CCRCs without walls (Long Term Care Providers)

– HealthCare Providers (Hospital to Home Transitions)

– Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

– Hospice/End of Life Care


Private Consumers can purchase direct: http://store.grandcare.com/category-s/1821.htmSystem Comp HR NEW