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Thursday 2-24-11 GrandCare Webinar- Julie Fulmer-Mason from MedFolio speaks

We invite you to join in GrandCare’s weekly aging/technology industry webinars. All are welcome to join us!
Date: Thursday Feb 24th 2011
Time: 2pm EST (11am PST)
Room: Go to grandcaresystems.webex.com
Note: If this is your first time using Webex, please note you may have to install an updated version of Java and an Active X PlugIn. We advise logging into the webinar early your first time to ensure ample time to configure your audio and get a feel for the new service. Thank you!

Topic: “From a Pharmacist’s Perspective: Understanding and Improving Medication Adherence”
Julie Fulmer-Mason shares her expert knowledge in the medical and medication field with our webinar this week. Why is medication non-adherence so prevelent in our society? How can we recognize the risks and problems facing patients? What are the costs? All of these questions and more will be answered during this webinar

About our speaker: Julie Fulmer-Mason
Julie Fulmer-Mason is a pharmacist and the President of MedFolio, LLC. Based on her experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, Julie started her own company, MedFolio LLC in 2008, not only as a means to advocate for the importance of medication adherence, but also to design products that truly help patients with independent 21st Century lifestyles to take control of their medications. Their first product, The MedFolio Medication Management System, was released in November 2010 and is targeted for the tech-savvy aging Baby Boomer generation.

Webinar Objectives
•Review prescription medication usage in the United States and the health care costs associated with non-adherence
•Causes for medication non-adherence
•Highlighting health care cost savings associated with medication adherence
•Detailing unrecognized problems patients face with their medications and methods to improve adherence

This webinar is sponsored by MedFolio