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@CES 2011 – See the future of AGING: STOP BY the GrandCare Booth: LVCC North #2812

JOIN THE Silvers Summit @CES in 2011. There are loads of exciting events going on!!! Below is a suggestion for optimizing your agenda and filling your days starting with signing up for the AgeTek Workshop on Wednesday afternoon, visiting GrandCare and other AgeTek members in the AgeTek Pavilion in booth 2812 (part of the Silvers Summit) and go on from there…

– – Wednesday – –
The Silvers/AgeTek workshop 1-5pm AgeTek Members Receive a $50 discount!!! Laura Mitchell from GrandCare Systems will be speaking along with Jill Gilbert on the Social Networking Panel!

STICK around RIGHT AFTER THE WORKSHOP and attend the AgeTek annual meeting and networking mixer at 5:30pm. This meeting is open to all AgeTek members and potential new AgeTek members! You may sign up for AgeTek right at the event or JOIN NOW Come and mingle with AgeTek members and meet the staff from GrandCare Systems!

CES 2011 Exhibit Hours: Visit the Silvers Summit, Digital Health and Sports and Fitness in LVCC North Hall.
Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall
Th Jan 6 10a – 6p
Fri Jan 7 9a – 6p
Sat Jan 8 9am – 6p
Sun Jan 9 9am – 4p

– – Thursday January 6th, 2011 – –
10am CES Exhibit Hall Opens!

– – Friday Jan 7th 2011 – –
9 am CES Exhibit Hall Opens!
– Attend a full day of Digital Health panels,
– In the evening, attend the Mommytech Fashion show of wearable Technology

– – Saturday Jan 8th 2011 – –
9 am CES Exhibit Hall Opens!
Attend a full day of Silvers Summit LVCC North Hall,RM N253 Panels, network and meet the speakers
Charlie Hillman, founder of GrandCare Systems, will be speaking along with Meridian’s Sandra Elliot on “Intelligent Systems for Caregivers” from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (LVCC N253)

GrandCare’s Laura Mitchell will be participating on the AgeTek Alliance Panel from 5 – 530p.

For more information on Silvers Summit or the Pre-CES Workshop : Contact susan.walker@silverssummit.com

For more info on GrandCare Systems, events at CES or the AgeTek Pavilion, contact: info@grandcare.com


GrandCare featured on CBS Early Show


Watch The Live Video Here

(CBS) It’s a role reversal that many Americans go through — adult children taking care of their elderly parents.

And new technologies are helping to take the burden off the kids — and helping parents remain independent.

Jean Burkhart, 80, enjoyed living independently. Five years ago, however, she suffered a seizure while alone in her Florida home. More than four critical hours passed before her daughter discovered what happened.

Carol Roberts, Burkhart’s daughter, said, “I called to wish her a happy Mother’s Day and found her confused.”

In an instant, managed care became a necessity for Jean, but like a growing number of older Americans, she wasn’t ready for a nursing home.

Burkhart said, “I wanted to age in my home and not go to a long term care facility or a personal care facility.”

Burkhart and Roberts looked into alternatives and found the GrandCare System. It’s a high-tech set of sensors installed throughout the home that monitors and sends reports about Jean’s movements to family members down the street — or halfway around the globe for as little as $50 a week. It provides a realistic alternative to nursing home care, where the average price tag is more than $50,000 per year.

Edward Schneider, dean emeritus at the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California, told CBS News, “Most people want to live in their own homes and technology can enable people to do this. Using technology they can stay where they want to stay.”

While GrandCare allows Burkhart to live on her own and gives Roberts peace of mind, there are other benefits for the entire family.

Burkhart said, “It’s sort of comforting to know that they can check on me. I’m really comfortable. I don’t mind the sensors.”

Roberts said, “I’m not ready to have mom live with me, and I don’t think she’s really ready to have me live with her.”

Sensors systems — like the one that Burkhart uses — are just one part of the many new technologies available to aging parents. Here are a few more recommended by Alexis Abramson, a lifestyle gerontologist, on “The Early Show”:
….Read more here:

CES 2010 Summary!!

Wow – what a weekend! Well, CES 2010 has come and gone and left us all a little worse for the wear, but excited and full of possibilities and new ideas! GrandCare was honored to be one of the technologies displayed in the digital health techzone.

I did mean to provide more updates along the way, but it was so crazy busy that I never got the chance! So here goes:

We got there and besides a bit of a mix-up about where our booth was (they moved us at the last minute, sorry to all those that went out of their way to find us) 🙂 Everything was swell.

The first thing we did was sign on to the aging and technology conference call – LIVE FROM CES! It was fantastic. Over 30 participants joined us as we interviewed different vendors and a few show participants!
So, I am still needing to convert the recording to an mp3, because the webinar recording didn’t turn out! It was too loud and we kept losing Internet Connection.

There were many different home health technologies presented in the digital Health zone, including GrandCare Systems (Communication, Cognition, ADL Monitoring, Wellness Assessment), Dakim (Socialization/Brain Fitness), Presto (Socialization – Emails printed out automatically for a senior), Wellcore (wearable fall device/PERS), zeo (sleep sensor that can help you to sleep better), myine (takes the commercials out of Internet radio), mygait (computers made easy for seniors) and so much more!!!

The problem was that our digital summit was moved before the show started, so we weren’t as enclosed as we were last year. Last year, it was apparent where all of the home health technologies were, because we were all together! We were kind of far away from some of them (Wellcore was on the other side around the corner from us). We had a sewing system across the aisle from us and as cool as the technology was, it hardly had anything to do with Digital Home Health Technology.

The traffic was wonderful, but the press coming around was pretty light. I know we probably could have done more to get press to do interviews with us (well, for one, we could have paid to have our press kit and such given out to press), but it would be nice to see the press take a more active interest in aging technology.

It’s the big elephant in the room, unfortunately – not quite as glamorous as the HD TVs and surround sound systems in CES. This is an exciting show!! I feel like my 3 year old would be in kiddie-heaven, as were many of the attendees!

One GREAT thing that came out of CES this year? We have formed a new consortium for all of the companies just like GrandCare Systems that want to get together, join forces, use the momentum and combine it to EDUCATE and make the market aware of what we are doing! It’s exciting and it’s BRILLIANT! This is an idea that came from one of our aging and technology industry calls. Remember, these calls are every Thursday at 2pm EST and OPEN TO ALL! Join us at www.dimdim.com meeting room: grandcare.
The hosts are GrandCare, but the topics are EVERYTHING related to aging, wellness and technology! This week, it’s Jack York speaking from It’s Never Too Late. It’s always a great conversation with wonderful people from all around the industry. This call spurred an idea about 2 months ago from Presto founder, Pete Radsliff on the idea of co-ompetition. Why can’t we all just find a way to work together?
The idea of a mall or a burger king moving across the street from mcdonald’s and both do better. The idea that the aging tsunami will certainly float ALL boats!

So, there you have it! We have formed a consortium and we WILL grow into a power! We will grow into a force where we can advertise nationally, educate the market, educate doctors, educate policy makers & slowly gain access TOGETHER into an industry that no one of us can do easily alone!

Contact info@grandcare.com for more information on this consortium and how to join! OR join us any week on our aging/technology conference calls!!!! To sign up for notifications for these weekly calls, register here: http://dealerwww.grandcare.com

Great show – great people – great innovation! 2010 is going to be a great year!!!