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Working Caregiver- Assistive Technology Release


Working Caregiver- Assistive Technology

Age in place with increased safety, security and dignity.
New Technology Assists Caregivers & Provides Ideal Aging-in-Place Solution

Interactive, wireless communication and wellness system allows aging seniors (and
individuals with chronic conditions) to live independently in their own homes longer.

Home Controls, Inc., an award-winning company that has offered innovative products and services for the home automation industry since 1989, announced earlier this year that it has launched Caregiver Systems, a new division committed to providing quality and fully automated communication and wellness reporting solutions for seniors and those living with chronic conditions. Caregiver Systems was founded to provide a unique and innovative system that allows individuals to “age in place” while providing increased peace of mind for their families.

According to a June 2009 report from the AARP Policy Institute, the population 65 or older is projected to grow by 89 percent between 2007 and 2030, more than four times faster than the population overall. This aging population will skyrocket by another 118 percent between the years 2030 and 2050 as Baby Boomers reach 85. There are approximately 44.4 million caregivers in the U.S., who are struggling to care for their aging loved ones because of the astronomical costs of assisted living and full-time nursing care.

“With the growing number of seniors and caregivers, we saw a definite need for an easy-to-use, automated solution that allows people to stay in their own homes. Most people don’t realize that affordable home technology can supplement human interaction to delay or avoid the need for assisted living,” said Home Controls President Ken Kerr. “We believe our new division offers one of the most innovative and comprehensive solutions available, combining wellness reporting, activity alerts, communication and cognitive tools into a single system. Care facilities also benefit by reducing administrative work and increasing value to residents and their families.” Leveraging its 20-year history in home automation and the unique technology developed by

GrandCare Systems, Caregiver Systems by Home Controls is able to offer its customers the most advanced, feature-packed aging in place technology available today. It combines aspects of home automation, online communications, wellness reporting, activities of daily living alerts and cognitive tools into one easy-to-use, affordable package that pays for itself in the first 30 to 90 days of use. Caregiver Systems’ partners install and also provide a thorough, personalized orientation on how to use the simple touchscreen system.

Caregiver Systems – Complete, Simple, Effective

Caregiver Systems does not require separate systems for seniors and caregivers. The system consists of one touchscreen monitor and wireless “wellness sensors” placed throughout the senior’s home. The wellness sensors monitor important health indicators, including blood pressure, glucose levels, weight, activity and motion, sending wellness reports directly to a secure web page accessed by the caregiver or family member.

Caregiver Systems is also a complete communication system. Especially convenient for working caregivers, relatives and friends simply go online to send messages, reminders and pictures right to the touch screen. The senior needs no computer experience to receive full benefit from Caregiver Systems.

The Caregiver Systems solution includes:

– A central unit consisting of a sturdy touchscreen monitor that connects to any

Internet connection

– “Wellness sensors” which are discreetly placed around the residence to report

activity and wellness to the system

– One touch access to cognitive games, family pictures, appointment reminders and


– Complete system installation and family orientation

– Full monthly support of non-emergency functions, health and activity


– Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) for 24/7 EMT monitoring and
response (optional)

“The beauty of Caregiver Systems is its simplicity. It provides all of the features you’d expect for a top of the line aging in place solution, yet it’s affordable; paying for itself in about three months,” said Cheryl Kerr, Caregiver Systems Division Manager. “We deliberately made the price competitive in order to reach millions of seniors and disabled individuals that want to stay independent in their own homes, and to also help millions of caregivers who are making incredible sacrifices for their loved ones.”

Caregiver Systems is available for installation, anywhere in the U.S. to to www.caregiversystems.com.

About Caregiver Systems

Caregiver Systems, a division of Home Controls Inc. provides affordable, fully installed, easy-touse monitoring and communication systems that provide family members with peace of mind through 24/7 automatic and remote monitoring of a senior’s important health indicators, environment and activities of daily living (ADL). Caregiver Systems allows seniors to age in place with increased safety, security and dignity. Care facilities also benefit by using this solution to enhance their services, improve communication and increase patient interaction.

For more information on how you or your loved one can age in place safely and securely please call 1-858-693-5545 x112 or go to www.caregiversystems.com.