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GrandCare Systems™ – May 2012 Software Tour

The recording of Thursday’s LIVE Software Demonstration is now available on YouTube.


This software demonstration, covers system capabilities for in home use as well as a our caregiver menu and touch screen interface.

“GrandCare offers ‘peace of mind’ for the entire caregiving network, while giving the loved one independence, freedom and happiness.”

GrandCare Systems is considered a pioneer in the aging and technology industry. Available since 2006, GrandCare Systems combines digital health assessments, daily activity monitoring, medication management, smart home automation, and virtual communications for all ages into one easy, flexible and comprehensive solution!

Webinar recordings NOW easier than ever to access!

Starting with last weeks recording, you will now be able to view each webinar on our GCSys YouTube Channel. No more downloads required! We will also be going back and systematically adding our past recordings from 2012 over the next few weeks.

“PERS – More Than a Button & a Box”?! with Bill Lyon


As always our viewers will be able to find direct links to the recordings from DealerWeb and our Blog.