Marketing and selling Technology for Aging in Place
Submitted by Laurie Orlov on Thu, 12/17/2009 – 14:41

…Selling technology into the world of senior professionals. On a recent GrandCare Systems conference call, I listed to participants mull over the best techniques for selling monitoring technology offerings, particularly accelerating closure of the deal. Here are the suggestions — at the other end of the marketing techniques, of course — since all selling is by definition, local:

1. Be a guest speaker for senior housing organization or professional group, like visiting nurse associations.
2. Participate in resident or family councils.
3. To encourage organization bandwidth upgrades, demo valuable content to seniors…
4. …Who may pressure administrators to upgrade.
5. Target the grandchildren to reel in grandparents.
6. Seek testimonials from satisfied residents — encourage them to tell their peers.
7. Provide information on how use of technology can help seniors help their families.
8. Engage residents or senior clients as technology champions.
9. Clearly quantify investment benefits (more effective staff utilization, risk mitigation from falls, etc.) to categorize purchase as required versus additive.
10. Help senior industry professionals see ways to generate revenue or acquire competitive differentiation from use of the product.

Requests to elaborate as well as additional thoughts are always welcome.

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