9-9 GC CALL TOPIC: Building a New Aging Continuum

Every Thursday at 2p ET (1p CT), GrandCare Systems hosts an aging & technology industry call.

Thursday, 9-9-10

TOPIC: The senior services market is evolving and the companies that
provide those services, including the emerging technology companies must
adapt to those changes to successfully meet the demands of the ensuing generations of potential customers. This presentation challenges some of today’s commonly accepted concepts and offers collaborative solutions for the future.

Join us: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
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Art Carr is acknowledged as a progressive thought leader for the senior living / care industry with a successful track record in implementing innovative concepts to improve operations and marketability across the senior services spectrum. He has provided exceptional corporate-level leadership for more than 20 years with all types and sizes of organizations – from fledgling enterprises to complex operations worth more than one billion dollars. Art has been recognized for his resourceful leadership and acclaimed as “affable, talented, with a razor-sharp intellect” and “one of the most articulate people …in the senior services sector.”

This call is sponsored by Dakim, the leader in the Brain Fitness for Seniors and Boomers movement. Dakim has created a unique brain fitness approach, suitable for active Seniors with normal brain function who want to maintain their brain health, as well as those who may have mild-to-moderate cognitive issues.