Why wouldn’t available Technology be used for good?

I was inspired when reading this article http://www.itweb7.com/health/healthmonitoring-technology-helps-seniors-living-home/#comment-206084  Health-Monitoring Technology Helps Seniors Living at Home

The author discusses what seems like the obvious, technology actually does help seniors to remain independent at home. But, we need more articles like this showing that technologies have always improved our lives (as a whole) and why wouldn’t that be applicable to seniors too?
***Note that  technology can be abused (like anything else in the world), and should be used responsibly.
Since the beginning of times, enabling technologies have always entered, making our lives easier, better, faster and allowing us to become more connected (distance becomes less of a barrier). Can you believe that people weren’t really even actively using the Internet about 15 years ago? Now look at us today!! How fast the world changed!!! Disruptive demographics have always been followed up with enabling technologies. In the late 1800s, New York City had a problem of too much manure, and dead horses piling up city blocks. A blue ribbon commission was called in to “fix” this disruptive demographic. Their solution was that there is NO solution! In a few years time, they predicted that NY City would be many feet high in manure. Well, as we all know, that did not happen. A professor (Daimler) was in Germany coming up with the Internal Combustion Engine. This enabling technology came in as a solution! Today we are facing another disruptive demographic, the massive aging boom. Technology ABSOLUTELY will play a vital role as an enabling solution. But much like a car, the technology will do very LITTLE good without people (cue the drivers) analyzing and assessing the ADLs and tele-wellness as well as using the tech to connect to their elders and to promote long distance, virtual socialization. At GrandCare, we write the software and use computer hardware, but we say the smartest part of our system is the ‘Wetware’ and that is the person sitting in front of their PC, taking a look at the vitals, looking at the graphs, setting up the alert rules and sending the communications (TRUST THE WETWARE).

GrandCare Systems combines Home Automation, Activity of Daily Living Monitoring, Telehealth Assessment, Social Networking, Video Conferencing and Internet Communications into ONE comprehensive and simple to use system!!!!

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