3-24-11 GrandCare webinar: Home Care in the 21st Century- Mark Shea speaks

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Date: Thursday March 24th 2011
Time: 2pm EST (11am PST)
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Topic Description: Home Care in the 21st Century

Existing consumer electronics and networking technologies are being re-purposed to allow family caregivers the ability to remain aware of a loved one’s health and safety. Perhaps the easiest way to think of these systems is as a “baby monitor times ten”. This is being heralded by pundits from the Consumer Electronics industry as the next big thing. Enabling a virtual presence in a home makes whole new levels of service and care that is affordable and available to almost everyone. The world of home care is about to change radically and rapidly.

About our speaker: Mark Shea from Right at Home

Our speaker, Mark Shea, has over twenty years of experience with networking and internet technologies and ten years with Microsoft. He teaches Social Media at the University of Washington. Mark currently owns a Home Care agency in Mount Vernon, Washington: North Cascade Right at Home. Mark will be presenting his vision of how these technologies can be leveraged by a Home Care Agency of the 21st Century.

Webinar Objectives:

– Learn how long term health care is being transformed

– How does technology fit into homes?

– Resistance to change – Acceptance. How does it work?

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  1. Avi Kamman
    Avi Kamman says:

    As you’ll see at our website, we use telemonitoring to drive our business, which is focused on telementoring and behavioral health coaching. We are looking for a next generation monitoring platform to replace the one we have. How can we get a demo/discussion of your system?

    You can Facebook message me at Avi Kamman or email me at the address I just gave you.

    All the best,

    Avi Kamman
    CTO & Co-founder

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