Why you should attend the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit

The Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit & Business Plan Competition is for entrepreneurs & venture capitalists who serve the baby boomer market. June 15/2011

This year, GrandCare’s VP of Marketing (Laura Mitchell) will be attending as a judge for the event.

This is another of Mary Furlong’s events and NOT TO BE MISSED!  Just finished attending the “What’s Next Boomer Summit” last week in San Francisco!  It was not only incredibly well organized, but fantastic speakers, panels and great networking!  Sponsored by AARP, United Health Group, Continuum Crew, Southwest Airlines, First Street, Caring.com and First Republic Bank.


Meet the venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists who can fund your boomer/senior caregiving venture

  1. Learn how to accelerate sales in your boomer/senior caregiving venture
  2. Discover how to meet the caregiver customer online and through workforce channels
  3. Learn how to reach the boomer, senior and caregiver through print, online media and partnerships
  4. Discover the latest research about the 78 million-strong boomer market
  5. Meet the angels who fund early-stage ventures
  6. Gain the latest insights how corporations are using cause related marketing to serve the needs of boomers, seniors and caregivers
  7. Find out how to accelerate your AARP partnership; discover their latest market research
  8. Secure the funding base of your nonprofit organization by developing partnerships that work
  9. Network, network, network!

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Register to attend: http://scuboomerventure.eventbrite.com/


June 14-15, 2011
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA


Network with the leading venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, researchers, analysts and marketers addressing the needs of the 50+ demographic as well as key members of the media who report on aging, health, finance, technology and care giving.
Hear about the latest trends in the field of aging from key strategic partners in the non-profit sector.
Discover the latest in mobile and digital advertising trends; the newest distribution channels in the start-up world; and the tips and tricks that will help you grow your business.

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  1. Karen Shimada, MPH
    Karen Shimada, MPH says:

    Looking forward to participating in this upcoming summit. Life by Design NW is particularly interested in meeting retired engineers and tech-savvy folks for a survey on aging and technology with ORCATECH and OHSU in Portland, Oregon.

  2. Peter Durkson
    Peter Durkson says:

    I’ll be there. Hopefully our website will be completed ( http://www.iagewell.com )and ready to show some prospective strategic partners and social entrepreneurs! We’re currently seeking health and wellness apps to feature on our AppMap Ad Board and technology products for our STORE shelves. Hope to see you there! Peter

  3. H L Sam Queen
    H L Sam Queen says:

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to compete in a competition of business plans aimed at the needs of the Boomer generation. The real pleasure in this opportunity, for me, was the amount of thought that went into the project that helped to form and deliver my own perspective. No doubt the lessons learned will turn out to benefit all the people in coming years who we will be privileged to serve. Would love to have attended the seminar, but hope to learn from the comments of others who did. Best wishes in the success of the 2011 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit.

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