Two Brand New GrandCare Tours!

On May 11th and 16th Laura Mitchell of GrandCare systems hosted two brand new tours of GrandCare Systems both are recorded and available to view and download.

The first one is a step-by-step introduction showing us exactly what the GrandCare System is, a bit of GrandCare’s history and how it can be used to keep our loved one happy, safe and at home. She gives us an inside look at not only the touch screen, but also the caregivers side, GC Manage.

The second tour expands on the first and shows us how GrandCare can be used successfully in group living facilities as well as in private homes. Laura shows us the benefits of using GrandCare in these facilities along with some of the more advanced features which can take the system from a personalized touch screen to a fully featured and secure kiosk for multiple residents.

From the ATM like touch screen, to navigating the advanced features of the kiosk’s group set up; if you’ve been curious about GrandCare for personal use, a loved one, a possible business opportunity or even as an additional tool to use in an established group facility, now is your chance to get your sneak peak.

See these videos on Veoh

– GrandCare Systems™: Private Home Demo

– GrandCare Systems™: Multi-Resident Demo

Download/View directly from WebEx

Private Home Demo

Multi-Resident Demo