GrandCare spotlighted at Z-WAVE Fall Conference

GrandCare’s Laura Mitchell recently returned from the Z-Wave Fall conference after keynoting on Digital Health and the GrandCare System (how z-wave plays a critical role).  Z-Wave has really taken an active role in engaging in the digital health industry and GrandCare is excited to be spotlighted as a Z-Wave Featured Company on the Z-Wave Alliance Website.

“At the forefront of the Connected Aging space, GrandCare’s System connects via the Internet and communicates with wireless Z-Wave sensors throughout the residence. At our Fall Summit, VP of Business Development Laura Mitchell will deliver a presentation on the GrandCare system and how Z-Wave provides empowered independent aging.”    Visit the Z-Wave Alliance website here

Lindsey from Residential Magazine attended Mitchell’s presentation and had this to say:

By Lindsey Adler November 2,2012

… This year’s event highlighted three key note speakers, including Laura Mitchell, VP of Business Development at GrandCare.  GrandCare’s “aging in place” technology has benefited from situations where senior citizens are transitioned from hospital emergency rooms to outpatient centers and eventually their own homes. GrandCare’s value add is software, Mitchell explained, meaning they work with existing protocol devices to develop unique health solutions with any range of hardware. “The key to this industry is partnerships,” she said. For CEDIA dealers, this means developing working relationships with long term care providers, outpatient centers, and other healthcare facilities.

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Z-Wave Alliance Featured Company: GrandCare Systems

Demographics throughout the world point squarely to an aging population.  In the US alone, 77 million Baby Boomers have begun turning senior, and 44 million of these individuals are already acting as caregivers to elderly parents and loved ones. Many nations in Europe and Asia are even older per capita.  We are in the midst of a senior population bulge that will last for the next 20-30 years.

Accessible monitoring, control and alert solutions powered by Z-Wave provide invaluable assistance to the wellness and convenience of these Boomer seniors — as well as the elderly loved ones for whom they are caregivers. These connected aging solutions are, and will continue to be, a vital demand for this enormous emerging market.