Emotional Networking – Telecare Aware

An Article from Telecare Aware – Donna Cusano

Now ’emotional networking’

“Another debut at Health 2.0, currently in ‘stealth mode’ (their terminology), is Emota.net.  Their device, a touch screen monitor, is designed to keep seniors in touch with families with a picture-frame like monitor touch screen and messaging.  The interface with caregivers and families is through an iPhone app, web widget or (for professionals) dashboard.  Their claim is that ’emotional networking’ is a new concept, but it is already part of at least one remote monitoring service, GrandCare.  Promised is integration with telecare remote monitoring, telehealth applications and PHRs…” – Donna Cusano – Telecare Aware

Hey Donna, Thanks for writing! As individuals age, we tend to mostly focus on the immediate physical needs. ADLs, Chronic Disease Mgmt, etc.Emota is so right to also focus on the emotional well-being of the seniors.

Socialization, Brain Fitness, Connectedness is so important to overall wellness – Happiness!

Why shouldn’t seniors be able to benefit from the current technology that is out there and available? Grandchildren can now communicate with Grandma the same way they do with their other contacts – virtually. The best part of these new technologies – Grandma doesn’t have to know ANYTHING about technology to benefit from it!

Thanks for posting!

Laura Mitchell
GrandCare Systems