Awards For Senior Living Products Show That The Aging Population Is Big Business

With millions of baby boomers hurtling head long into their golden years and resources for seniors limited, the business of caring for the elderly is about to boom as much as all those babies did. Keeping older Americans healthy and able to live independently will be more important than ever. has created the Best Senior Living Award to recognize the companies creating the best products for the coming wave of older people.

HomeBaseThe 2013 winner is GrandCare Systems, a company dedicated to using the latest computer technology to help seniors live independently for as long as possible. Their simple touchscreen system helps these people stay in touch with their doctors, nurses, and family. The system also helps them keep track of taking their medicines, checking their weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

Everything is at the individual’s finger tips — literally. Just a touch on the computer screen starts the process. Easy-to-read menu items leads into several areas. It is so simple to use that previous computer experience is not required. It is designed to help make sure that the older adult is taking care of their health, staying connected with the outside world, and staying on top of their appointments and commitments.