GrandCare Expands in UK

You thought GrandCare was a small tech firm from southeastern Wisconsin.

Well, that’s true. But did you know that we’re also expanding into a 2,500 square foot office in Manchester, England?

That’s right! GrandCare UK just inked a five year lease on office space in Altringcham. This will allow us to grow and distribute GrandCare all over the United Kingdom. Our customers will include the National Health Service, private homes, and assisted living facilities.

Read all about it in the Manchester Evening News. And then watch GrandCare UK’s latest TV commercial below.

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  1. A dementia friend
    A dementia friend says:

    Grandcare takes away the worries and strains from families and friends. It also helps to keep in touch. It is so easy to set up and use, the system is bespoke to the user and sets important reminders which flash up on the screen. There are motion dectectors to let you know they are ok.
    No wonder this product has won so many awards.
    It is totally amazing.
    10/10. This will help to stop putting your Grandad or Nan in care at a cost of £1,000 a week to you and also retain their estate for later inheritance.
    A no brainer!
    Brilliant for people with dementia or Autism or disabled people who are lonely or just people suffering loneliness.

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