GrandCare Mobile

GrandCare Mobile is now available in the App Store for iPhone. This is something that we’ve wanted for our caregivers for a long time. We hope you love this new way to stay connected to your GrandCare touchscreen user.

So what does our App do? Three things. First, it can place or receive video calls between the touchscreen and your iPhone. Second, it lets you type a message and send it directly to the touchscreen. Third, it allows you to upload photos to the GrandCare slideshow. Let’s take these one at a time.

Video calls can be initiated from our App or from the GrandCare touchscreen. Incoming calls to the app will ring your lockscreen, just like any other call would do. Calls from our App to the touchscreen are indistinguishable from video calls initiated in your browser. The best part is, we’ve made these calls highly secure. This is important for everyone’s privacy. But it’s of special concern to our professional caregivers who might wish to have a billable medical consultation over the video call. Our video calling is fully HIPAA-compliant.

Typing a message and sending it to the touchscreen couldn’t be easier. Just enter a subject and a brief message and touch Send. Within moments your message will appear on the GrandCare touchscreen where the user can read and dismiss it. These kinds of messages are handy and can be used for just about any purpose. “Don’t forget to drink water today,” or “I’m coming over this afternoon at 3” are just two examples.

The GrandCare mobile app allows you to upload pictures to the slideshow. Next time you’re snapping a photo at a family get-together or other special occasion, upload it right to your GrandCare user’s touchscreen. Select photos from your photo roll or take a picture on the spot. It’s up to you and it’s that simple.

The GrandCare Mobile App is free for all GrandCare caregivers. Download it today and log in using your my.grandcare credentials. We think you’re going to love it. And don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store!

There’s just one more thing… Yes, we’re working on an Android version!


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