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Technology for In-Home Care: Show Me the Money!

Last week, we received a call from a guy who runs an in-home care franchise on the East Coast. He’s done a lot of innovative things with technology and now he was interested in GrandCare as an enabling technology for his company. We did a demo of the system and he was impressed. His following question was one we hear time and time again. “What’s the ROI?”

It seems obvious when you add enabling technologies that things become better, cheaper, faster and more efficient. Think about how far we’ve come with technology in agriculture, shopping and transportation. It only makes sense that adding monitoring technologies and video chat check-in technologies to home care would provide additional revenue options as well as a lower cost care alternative. But, where’s the proof? It got us to thinking.

We all know the statistics about the rising aging population, caregiver burnout and staff turnover–especially caregiving staff for home care providers. Companies are looking to technology to help. The question is not if home care technology can help. It’s how to implement it, how to price it, and how to make money with it. What is the ROI? We have thought a lot about this, and we have the answers you are looking for.

On Thursday, August 8th, we’re presenting an interactive webinar that will show you exactly that! How do you implement video chat, remote activity and telehealth technology into your current caregiving offerings? How do you price it? When will you see that Return On Investment? And how can you add new revenue models into your organization?

We think you’ll be impressed.

Mark your calendars and join us for this free 60 min webinar, sponsored by GrandCare Systems.

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Thursday August 8th
9am PDT
10am MDT
11am CDT
12pm EDT

3 replies
  1. Allen Edwards
    Allen Edwards says:

    I install Home Automation/Security systems and interested in your product. I saw your display at an EH Expo many years ago.
    I hope to learn more about your system with this webinar.

    • scott
      scott says:

      Thanks, Allen! I hope you’ll find it educational. This one is less about technology and more about the economics of using it in a home care-type business. But you should definitely join us anyway. Meanwhile, check out some of our videos on this site, here: https://www.grandcare.com/insider/videos/

    • Scott
      Scott says:

      Allen, you should reach out to us about becoming a potential affiliate (installer/reseller) for home care and senior housing providers

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