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Solution to Distancing and Quarantine? How about Some Virtual Visits and Telehealth

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States makes this a difficult time for senior housing communities. The risk level may be unknown, but our focus is clear: keep our seniors safe, protected, and connected to loved ones.

Virtual visits can help alleviate loneliness and isolation in quarantined residents. Telemedicine and telehealth are obvious ways to reduce physical exposure while maintaining healthcare services. The more providers embrace technology in times like this, the safer everyone will be.

Time is of the essence, but it’s hard to fund and deploy telehealth and virtual visit technology for your residents quickly. That’s why we want to put GrandCare in your hands at cost so you can quickly and affordably implement these vital technologies.

Payment options are flexible.

Feel free to reach out to me directly for immediate support. Stay Safe.

Laura Mitchell
CEO, GrandCare Systems

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  1. Dennis Connolly
    Dennis Connolly says:

    Hi, My grandmother is currently in a long term care facility and we have been looking for something like this for her to stay connected with everyone. Can you provide more information as well as what the cost would be?

    • Greg A Moisan
      Greg A Moisan says:

      Our family implemented a grand care unit some years back to watch over our elderly mom. The evolution of the GrandCare system has been fantastic and we are huge advocates and have many stories about how it has helped our family. With the current outbreak of covid 19 this is the ideal solution for our family and our elderly parents.

  2. Jude Harper
    Jude Harper says:

    We have literally saved 6 lives in the last year and provided peace of mind, and entertainment, to many families over the last 10, with the issues facing our communities today its only right that more practioners , and families endorse this amazing product and real world practical Life changing experience this platform provides. It’s one of those things that once you live with it, you can’t do without.

  3. Seymour semaya
    Seymour semaya says:

    GrandCare systems are needed now more than ever. Adult children are in need of hourly supervision and support for their aging loved ones. GrandCare is amazing. Peace of mind is priceless. Thanks for everything you have accomplished. Seymour Semaya. Geriatric care manager and founder of the geriatric advisory council, LLC.

  4. Kerry Davis
    Kerry Davis says:

    I would like to learn more about your system including pricing and the equipment needed in someone’s home to implement these services. Thank you

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