GrandCare for Family Caregiving

Learn how GrandCare can benefit yourself or a loved one

GrandCare enables individuals to remain engaged and independent, without sacrificing safety.

The heart of GrandCare is a large touchscreen in the individual’s home which offers family communication and cognitive assists. Optional sensors can be added to alert family members if anything seems wrong (e.g. didn’t get out of bed, didn’t access the fridge at mealtime, vital readings out of range, etc.) For short videos showing what you can do with GrandCare, click here.

  • Large, easy-to-read Touchscreen in the home
  • Online access & app for remote caregivers
  • Activity sensors & vitals monitoring
  • Games, calendar, medication management
  • One-touch video chat
  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth

GrandCare costs less than ONE week in an average assisted living community. We can customize a solution for your family.

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GrandCare features that help keep your loved one safe, healthy, and connected at home

GRandCare featured in The New York Times

“My favorite thing about GrandCare is having all these beautiful people available to me. I now have access to my grandchildren. Everything I was missing out on, I can see now. It has rebirthed me, so to speak.”

— Private Home Resident Ed Thelen, St. Cloud, MN

GrandCare family caregiving technology
GrandCare family caregiving technology

Want to know more about how GrandCare

can help you or a loved one?

Want to know more about how GrandCare can help you or a loved one?

NEW! Xavier University research on GrandCare-powered smart home for people with disabilities.See their findings