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GrandCare has made our staff more efficient, while improving the quality of care. Our residents love it. Connecting them to family has reduced isolation and made residents happier to be at Evergreen. It’s given us a game-changing advantage over our competitors.

Martha and Esmerelda

Administrators, Senior Housing

“GrandCare has changed the way we offer care. We use it to remotely monitor our clients’ vitals and quickly identify if a physical nursing visit is needed. It’s been a Godsend for our hospice clients who use it for end-of-life conversations.”


Nurse, Homecare and Hospice

“The greatest benefit of this must-have system is in its ease of use, to maintain independent living at home through coordinated care and supervision.”


Owner, Home Care

“I LOVE GRANDCARE! Best Management tool in this industry!”


Owner, Senior Housing

“Scott and GrandCare solved a thorny problem for my 95 year old mother who was living by herself. The software, hardware and customer attention were above and beyond. I can’t say enough about Scott and his staff and their caring and expertise.”


Son, Family Caregiver

“I absolutely loved the system!! It was so easy to use and I loved that I could load the pictures remotely and my mom didn’t have to answer when I called it automatically- connected. I would absolutely recommend the system to anyone!”


Daughter, Family Caregiver

“GrandCare is amazing and I recommend it all the time – for the reliable and comprehensive options as well as for the incredible personal customer service I’ve received over the years.”


Daughter, Family Caregiver

“The monitoring allows me a sense of peace that she is up and starting her day.”


Son, Family Caregiver

“I like all the new improvements you guys have been making on it, and I play with a lot of that stuff every so often to keep my mind refreshed, you know, and do things. Actually, I think it helps my memory and stuff.”


Senior, Touchscreen user

“The biggest thing that he uses with the system is the touchscreen unit to look up things of interest on the internet, access his calendar to see who is working with him and what is planned for the day, and get his reminders for medication, etc. He also loves to get pictures that I send him on the touchscreen, and he also gets messages from me and the supervisor of his service provider agency. He would be lost without the touchscreen; it keeps him connected in many ways.”


Sister, Family Caregiver

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