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Customer Engagement in 2012:

Leveraging Social Media and Online Communities to Expand and Retain your Customers

Thursday, Febuary 16th 2pm ET – 1pm CT


With guest speaker Ron Repking

Connecting with customers to drive more business has become easier as more and more seniors get online. Social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others provide a way for companies to connect with these consumers.  However, these outlets are controlled by third parties and don’t allow you to harness your users fully for your own benefit.  Creating your own presence under your control solves this problem and enables you to engage with your customers on your own turf.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The evolution and impact of social media and engagement
  • The components of a comprehensive engagement model
  • How to leverage these components to own and control your audience message

Ron Repking

Ron Repking is the owner and CEO of Capable Networks, a company focused exclusively on helping companies engage with their customers through online communities and social media.  Frustrated with traditional methodologies and strategies, Ron founded Capable Networks in order to bring a new perspective and approach to customer engagement online.  Ron is an expert in social media and assisting companies in the migration to new techniques and strategies in this field since the founding of his company in 2004.  Ron graduated Cum Laude from the University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana in 1990.

Occupational Therapists, CAPS & LIVEABLE DESIGN, Thurs 2p EDT Aging/Tech Topic

Greetings Aging & Technology Enthusiast!
Please join us Thursday July 1, 2 EDT (11am PDT) for our weekly aging & technology forum!
Topic:“The role of Occupational Therapy with Aging in Place and Environmental Modifications”, Debra Young from Empowerability LLC speaks.

This Thursday’s topic has been sponsored by Home Controls: Home Controls, Inc. provides distribution and dealer support for home automation and independent living technology products and systems.
Announcements have been sponsored by Harper Technology Group with a Question/Answer Session sponsored by The Aging & Technology Alliance (AgeTek.org)

Thursday July 1, 2010
TIME: 2pm EDT (11am PDT)
URL: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare

4-1-10 AgeTech Call Topic: Emotional Selling/Customer Support – Neil from Celery speaks

Tomorrow! Thursday April 1st, 2010
AgeTech Webinar/Conference Call

When: Thursday, April 1, 2010 2pm EDT – – 1pm CDT
Where: my.dimdim.com/grandcare
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TOPIC: Technology and home automation gurus entering the aging field will find this is a whole new “sell” and very different than a standard custom integration scenario. Dealers must have passion, patience and great customer support! Neil discusses the emotional connection of aging and technology products!

Neil Grabowsky, is the CEO and founder of Celery, LLC, a cross-generational email service that connects Internet users to their non-computer-using loved ones using a simple fax machine. Grabowsky created “Celery” while away at college so that he could keep in touch with his own father, who was not using email. Today, Celery is used by clients throughout the United States and Canada, and is popular among the elderly and the Amish. Grabowsky graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 2004 with a degree in Product Design and Innovation. He lives in upstate NY with his wife, Mary Beth, and teenage miniature poodle, Josie, who they rescued from the streets of Troy, NY. http://mycelery.com