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CEDIA Schedule Sept 23 – 26 Aging Technology Pavilion Educational Sessions

Schedule of Home Health Events sponsored by GrandCare Systems at CEDIA in Atlanta Sept 21 – 26

Tuesday Sept 21
9a – 5p GrandCare Systems Authorized Dealer Training
email info@grandcare.com to sign up
630 – 9p Meet the GrandCare Staff
“A Point of View, Hilton Atlanta
255 Courtland Street NE
Tel: 1+(404) 659-2000 ”
no RSVP needed

Wed Sept 22
10a – 1130 GrandCare Authorized Dealer Refresher Course
RSVP Needed: info@grandcare.com
7 – 9p AgeTek Alliance Meet & Greet
Location TBA – more info: agetek@me.com

Thurs Sept 23 (show floor opens 10 – 6p)
(Home Health Pavilion: Booth 4072)
1030 – 1130: Choosing which Tech is right for you Booth 4072
1145 – 1245: Simple Technology: BIG RESULTS Booth 4072
3 – 330: Building a New Category – AgeTek Booth 4072
330 – 430: Vendor Mash-Up – ONE presentation showcases all the technologies in the home health pavilion
430 – 6p Senior Cyborgs – The Rise of the Machines Booth 4072

Fri Sept 24 (floor open 9a – 6p)
(Home Health Pavilion: Booth 4072)
10 – 11a Senior Socialization & Brain Fitness Booth 4072
1130 – 12p Profiting Together – AgeTek Booth 4072
1230 – 130 Vendor Mash-Up – ONE presentation showcases all the technologies in the home health pavilion
2p – 4p DIGITAL HOME HEALTH PANEL will cover the closely watched topic of home health care technology. Moderator Laura Mitchell of GrandCare Systems will lead a panel that includes experts from leading companies in the home health and senior care space. ROOM: B312

Sat Sept 25 (floor open 9a – 5p)
1030 – 1130: From the “Willfull Suspension of Disbelief” to the New Reality Booth 4072
1130 – 12: Profiting Together!! The Aging Technology Alliance Booth 4072
1p – 2p: Elderly Monitoring & Safety Booth 4072
2 – 3p Vendor Mash-Up – ONE presentation showcases all the technologies in the home health pavilion Booth 4072
4 – 530p: ROOM A313: When Grandpa Wants the Cadillac – GRANDCARE Mfger Training

Sunday Sept 26 (floor open 10a – 3p)
10a – 11a: Technology for the Aging: A Value Proposition Booth 4072
11a – 12p: Senior Cyborgs: The Rise of the Machines Booth 4072

Your Invitation to Thursday’s AGETEK informational webinar

Do you want to learn more about the new Aging and Technology Alliance: AGETEK???
Consider this your invitation to a conference call & online meeting where we will discuss Aging Technology Alliance membership:
Day:        Thursday
Date:       April 22, 2010
Time:       11:00 A.M. Pacific (2:00 P.M. Eastern)
Duration: 1 hour
Phone (to listen and speak):
dial-in &  password will be listed on the top of the webinar  *(to mute/unmute:  *6)
Online (to view slides, access to public chat and to listen through computer speakers only): http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
The Aging Technology Alliance ad hoc board of directors has been busy getting the organization started: i.e. listening to feedback on membership structure, fielding membership requests from over 100 organizations, incorporating AgeTek, writing by-laws, etc. At this meeting, we will discuss…
– The benefits of membership in the Aging Technology Alliance
– Requirements of Members and Associate Members
– Cost to become a Member or Associate Member
– Creation of an AgeTek Advisory Board
– Introductions – we would like to provide an opportunity for members to introduce themselves and their companies. Anyone who wishes to be allotted one minute to state who they are, what their company does, and what they hope to accomplish through the AgeTek membership may sign-up for a one-minute speaking slot by sending an email to agetek@me.com. Slots are limited and available on a first come-first served basis. Please put “AgeTek” in your email subject line.
Bring your questions, bring your comments, and bring your checkbook because we will be telling you where to send your first year dues, and the next steps for participation and committee formation to start the work of the alliance.

Thank you!

The AgeTek Board of Directors

4-22-10 Virtual AGETEK meeting during the weekly aging & technology webinar

THIS Thursday – AgeTek – the NEW aging & technology consortium (born on one of our thursday calls) will be taking the floor.

when: Thurs Apr 22, 2010 (2p EDT)

http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare (DIAL IN LISTED ON THE WEBINAR)

This webinar will review what AgeTek is, goals and visions, how YOU can join and reap member benefits & discounts.

AgeTek wants to hear from our future members!!!  Every participant is invited to speak during the call.  We will take reservations to speak (first come – first served). To ensure a slot, please email: agetek@me.com or info@grandcare.com.   Prepare to speak for one minute and answer the following questions

1. name/organization

2. What you can bring to AgeTek members

3. What you hope to gain from AgeTek

You must be dialed in to the conference number.  All are welcome to simply join and listen in!!!


ASA/ Boomer Summit wrap-up

Got back late Friday night from the ASA and Boomer Summit In Chicago! It was an exciting, exhausting and fun-filled, action-packed 3 days.

Thursday morning was an AgeTek board meeting – getting ready for the big launch later that day. Thursday afternoon was when the boomer summit boot camp sessions began.

I spoke on a panel about social media and how to best use it for business. It was a 3 hour panel. After that, I rushed to the AgeTek launch down the hall.

It was our official AgeTek Industry Alliance meeting! Standing room only – it was an enormous success! Everyone was enthusiastic and ready to work together – a truly historic step for our industry! We all left with tshirts and directly after this had to head to the speaker reception put on by Mary Furlong & Associates.

After a full day and evening of networking, great conversations and new friends, we turned in.

Friday was the Boomer Summit – GrandCare had an exhibit table, but we also had to work the speaker rooms, helping moderators get started and set up in the beginning of each session.
Lunch with the experts was wonderful & after the last sessions ended at 5p, we all headed to the summit wrap and networking session.

All in all, very glad to have gone! We caught up with industry folks like, Laurie Orlov, Donna Cusano, Susan Ayers Walker, Karen Klein – fellow tech colleagues & agetek members: halo, mygait, presto, wellcore, verizon, jnl technologies, home instead…

and of course my fellow AgeTek board members: Peter Radsliffe, Michele Ahlman, Jill Gilbert, Bud Myers

A great ending to a great week! Now on to this week – we will be reporting live from Orlando – the Electronic House Expo will be going on and GrandCare will play a significant role in the home health tech pavilion.

Wednesday, we are hosting 25 new GC dealers for GC dealer training. Authorized dealers may attend as a refresher for a small fee, learn all about our new multi-resident features.
Still have a few seats available, email gcsales@homecontrols.com to sign up.

Many educational presentations by GrandCare, please check ehxweb.com for schedules.

Laura Mitchell
Dir of Business Relations
GrandCare Systems


The following page outlines the vision, mission and name
that was developed by the Ad Hoc Board of Directors for
the special industry group that formed at CES 2010.
Although this vision, mission and name have been voted into
place by the board, we wanted to publish this to the broader
group of companies that would ostensibly fall into the category
of voting members for a comment period.
The ad hoc board will take any comments under advisement
and consider them for inclusion or revision. The board will
then vote again for final adoption.
The final vision, mission and name will be unveiled at a
group meeting in Chicago at the What’s Next Boomer
Summit on March 18.
So, without further ado, please turn the page…
— Peter Radsliff, ad hoc board chairman
March 3, 2010
A note about the ad hoc board of directors:
The ad hoc board of directors were nominated and elected by 13 participants
representing 10 companies on a conference call 1/27/10 (meeting minutes
available at http://bit.ly/dmNctq). The elected ad hoc board of directors are:
Peter Radsliff, ad hoc board chairman (Presto Services) peter.radsliff@presto.com
Jill Gilbert, treasurer
Michele Ahlman, secretary (ClearSounds)
Bud Myers, director (firstSTREET)
Madeline Pantalone, director (Jitterbug)
Laura Mitchell, director (GrandCare Systems)

Our Vision:
We promote the awareness, benefits and value of products and services for our
aging society while directly benefiting our members by evolving into the
world’s leading aging-focused technology consortium.
Our Mission:
1. To promote the awareness, benefits and value of member products and services
2. To assist in the advancement of member companies and individual members
3. By facilitating innovation through professional development, education and standardization
of products and services
4. By creating a vital and expanding aging technology community
5. That by encouraging cooperation between members the aging technology industry will
advance as a whole
6. That by pursuing development of “best practices” and a program of continual improvement,
members will be more successful
Our Name:
Aging Technology Alliance
Aging “Aging” because this term is unambiguous in its meaning and somewhat neutral in its
identification. “Silver” is somewhat ambiguous in its reference when used outside of our
industry. “Elder” is seen as a pejorative term and one that resists self-identification. Like it
or not, we are all aging, and this group believes that the aging experience can be improved
through the application of technology.
Technology “Technology” because the products and services we develop, sell, install and operate have
to do with different applications of technology.
Alliance “Alliance” because it means “a merging of efforts or interests by persons, families, states,
or organizations.” For our products and services to have a positive effect on society and
our businesses, many disparate groups need to be involved; such as developers, installers,
marketers, caregivers, family members and users. Without an alliance of these different
groups, the technology will not reach the user

For more information, please contact Peter Radsliffe from Presto: peter.radsliff@presto.com
AgeTek.org is not live yet, in the meantime, visit: http://smartsilvers.com/sig/


Laura Mitchell
AgeTek Alliance
www.agetek.org (live soon!!)

1st meeting: Thursday March 18th, 2010 430 – 6pm Hong Kong Room, Hyatt – Chicago. During ASA Conference