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CES 2013: GrandCare In-Booth Gala Tuesday, January 8th 3:30 – 5:30

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CES In-Booth Event Agenda:

3:30p Happy Hour/Networking

4p WELCOMELaura Mitchell, VP Business Development, GrandCare Systems
Sponsors: LivHOME CareMonitor, Z-Wave Alliance, CEDIA, Dakim, What’s Next Boomer Summit

    • GrandCare Announces UK Partnership, Charlie Hillman, Founder, GrandCare Systems
    • CEA Announces GrandCare as winner of CEA Entrepreneur of the Year, Steve Koenig, CEA
    • LivHOME CareMonitor announces national roll-out, Mike Nicholson, CEO LivHOME
    • GrandCare Announces Frost & Sullivan Award: Best Practices, Gaytha Traynor, Co-founder, GrandCare
    • GrandCare introduces new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Erick Eiting, CMO, GrandCare
    • What’s Next Boomer Summit announces conference, Mary Furlong
    • Samsung Tablet Give-Away – special thanks to Samsung Enterprise Healthcare team

5:00 – 5:30p Networking/Happy Hour

Join GrandCare at CES for our press event & cocktail reception

Happy Holidays from GrandCare Systems!

When: Tuesday Jan 8th 330 – 530p PST
Where: GrandCare Booth – South Hall 2 BOOTH #26629 (within the Digital Health Pavilion)

More information on CES

We invite you to join us at CES for exciting announcements, introductions to our team & networking with friends!  This will be the perfect opportunity to get the inside scoop on the digital home health industry and find out why GrandCare is paving the way for remote monitoring and maintaining independence and chronic disease mgmt at home.
Come meet our new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Erick Eiting, as he explains the importance of digital health in the healthcare industry and why he, as an emergency room doctor, believes digital health will be the key to successful post-hospitalization transitions.

GC Staff

CES In-Booth Agenda:

3:30p Happy Hour/Networking
4p WELCOME, Laura Mitchell, VP Business Development, GrandCare Systems
Sponsors: LivHOME CareMonitor, Z-Wave Alliance, CEDIA, Dakim, What’s Next Boomer Summit

    • GrandCare Announces UK Partnership, Charlie Hillman, Founder, GrandCare Systems
    • CEA Announces GrandCare as winner of CEA Entrepreneur of the Year, Steve Koenig, CEA
    • LivHOME CareMonitor announces national roll-out, Mike Nicholson, CEO LivHOME
    • GrandCare Announces Frost & Sullivan Award: Best Practices, Gaytha Traynor, Co-founder, GrandCare
    • GrandCare introduces new Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Erick Eiting, CMO, GrandCare
    • What’s Next Boomer Summit announces conference, Mary Furlong
    • Samsung Tablet Give-Away – special thanks to Samsung Enterprise Healthcare team

5:00 – 5:30p Networking/Happy Hour

1. We have been chosen by Industry Analysts – Frost & Sullivan for Best Practices Award for the Elderly Health & Wellness Customer Enhancement Award


“The world of telehealth is most impactful when it is addressing the elderly population, but unfortunately, elderly care and wellness remains one of the most undeserved needs in healthcare,” reported Bujnoch. “GrandCare continues to show exceptional insight within elderly health and wellness by understanding the complex needs of the elderly and offers a unique, high-value solution in response.” -Senior Analyst from Frost & Sullivan, Zachary Bujnoch

Press Release

2. We are excited to announce our partner, LivHOME, has announced official launch of their LivHOME CareMonitor, powered by GrandCare Systems.


LivHOME CareMonitor™, a remote care service first announced in March, is beginning to roll out nationwide where LivHOME services are offered. It is currently available in Los Angeles, Walnut Creek and Riverside, Calif., and will continue to be rolled out to additional markets in late 2012 and early 2013. LivHOME CareMonitor™ is provided by LivHOME, Inc., one of the nation’s largest providers of professionally led at-home care for seniors.

Press Release

3. GrandCare will be hosting an in-booth Cocktail Press Reception at CES!!


This event is sponsored by LivHOME CareMonitor and co-sponsored by the Z-Wave Alliance , CEDIA, Dakim Brain Fitness and The What’s Next Boomer Summit. We will be making some major announcements and a lucky winner will walk away with a brand new Tablet donated by Samsung’s Enterprise Healthcare team. Must be present to win!

(GrandCare is headed to the UK…learn all about our exclusive UK Partner at CES)


4. GrandCare was the 2012 Winner of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association and producer of CES) Entrepreneur of the Year Award!!

Charlie Hillman CEA Award

“Innovative companies like GrandCare are moving our economy forward. It’s a great example of how the consumer electronics industry is allowing seniors and people with disabilities to use technology to enhance their lives and allow caregivers to have access to their loved ones anytime.”  -CEA CEO & President, Gary Shapiro

Press Release

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!

Your friends at GrandCare Systems


Home Health Tech Launches Specialty Health Store

First of its kind, new website offers digital solutions for independently living.

Submitted to HomeToys.com on: 02/24/2012, 7:59 am

Home Health Tech by Home Controls has launched a fully-functional retail web store specializing in products that help the growing senior population live independently. The online store is at www.HomeHealthTechStore.com, and orders can also be placed by calling 888-220-7690.

Home Health Tech by Home Controls is the first store of its kind to provide high-tech products targeting the senior market, promoting the philosophy that a bit of technology can provide a safer and healthier environment. The products available at Home Health Tech are ideal for people living independently, their families, caregivers, health partners and care facilities.

“Home Health Tech by Home Controls is now a one-stop shop for a wide variety of simple digital products for our aging Boomer generation,” says Ken Kerr, President of Home Controls, Inc. “There is a great demand for these digital products to help seniors stay in their homes longer and live better and safer lives while doing so.”

Home Health Tech by Home Controls has partnered with some of the nation’s leading manufacturer’s to provide a comprehensive assortment of home health tech systems, covering digital health systems, safety and security, personal health, communication, cognition and more.

Featured product lines include caregiver assistance systems from GrandCare, amplified telephones from ClearSounds and Amplicom, personal emergency response systems (PERS) from Linear and LogicMark, personal health products from A&D Medical, medication management tools from MedFolio, MedReady and MedMinder, cognition tools from Dakim, and communication systems from Presto. Home Health Tech also offers remote controlled doors and windows, automatic lighting, sensor pads, wanderer alerts, flood and fire prevention systems, and much more.

“These products are state-of-the-art and very simple to use, helping those seniors who want to age in their own homes and helping their family and caregivers, too,” Kerr says.

In addition, Home Health Tech by Home Controls offers several programs for integrators and health professionals working in the independent living or aging in place markets. These programs offer special wholesale pricing, extended technical support, customized marketing support, system training, networking and more.

“Many integrators are looking to get into the rapidly growing home health tech market, but don’t know where to go for advice and products to fill the demand,” Kerr says. “Now integrators have a one-stop shop for information, marketing materials, and a wide variety of products aimed at the aging-in-place market.”

Announcements from Leading Technology Companies to Occur at Conference Highlighting the Imperative of Technology-Enabled Care for Older Californians

Please note that GrandCare Systems will be exhibiting at the AgeTech Conference in California on November 15th. We will be in booth 250
See the floor plan http://cahsah.org/educational_events/Expo/AgeTechExpoHall.asp


November 3, 2011

Contact: Kristy Oriol

Tel: 916- 469-3383

Announcements from Leading Technology Companies to Occur at Conference Highlighting the Imperative of Technology-Enabled Care for Older Californians

Pasadena, California – November 15, 2011 AgeTech California, a joint initiative between the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) and Aging Services of California, will host California’s premier provider technology event – the Annual AgeTech California Conference & Technology Expo at the Hilton Hotel in Pasadena, California from 8am-5:30pm. Attendees of this conference will learn from leading experts about “Tech-enabled Care Management at Home: Our Future Imperative.” Experts will provide cutting edge information on technology-enabled care and business models that reposition wellness and health care in the place people call home, saving scarce resources while delivering the most satisfying products and services to older Californians. In addition, twenty industry technology companies will showcase their products and services in this intimate setting.

“As we age, our technologies can become even more valuable to us, but it is not about the next ‘gifted gadget.’ Instead, the most useful technologies will be those that present intuitive and unobtrusive solutions that foster connectedness while preserving autonomy and independence,” said Dr. Joseph Smith, Chief Medical and Science Officer at the San Diego-based West Wireless Health Institute. Dr. Smith will be delivering the closing keynote presentation.

Media is invited to attend an interactive lunch session where exhibitors will discuss new product launches and advances in eCare technology. Product announcements include:

· AOD Software becoming the first and currently only Electronic Health Record to be CCHIT Certified® 2011 LTPAC. This will advance the progress of Electronic Health Records to meet the achievements of other areas of healthcare like inpatient and ambulatory settings. This makes long term care well positioned to participate in the future of Accountable Care Organizations and interoperabilityAOD Press Release

· Dakim’s BrainFitness upgrade of their touch screen platform to showcase its award-winning brain boosting program Dakim Press Release

· GrandCare’s collaboration with CoroHealth, providing musical therapy for seniors GrandCare Press Release

The interactive luncheon interviews will be facilitated by Cindy Campbell, Associate Director, Operational Consulting of Fazzi Associates, and Tim Rowan, Editor of the HomeCare Technology Report. In a statement by Cindy Campbell, she discusses the necessity of affordable and accessible healthcare delivery systems supported by available technologies:

“Mounting levels of chronic disease represent an unmet and human need for care management. Within this need, there is a growing divide in quality healthcare delivery between the haves and have-nots. More than half of bankruptcies in the U.S. are being driven by healthcare cost, many of those in the insured population. Solving this problem requires affordable solutions. A clear and accessible path for today is to move care to the least expensive and least restrictive location – the patient’s home – whenever possible. Fully leveraging the existing expertise of home health and hospice providers and eCare technologies can result in more effective, less expensive, more accessible care”.

Tim Rowan goes on to say:

“Today’s elderly may express a strong preference to remain in their homes as they age and need more and more health care services but the Baby Boomer generation will demand it when they reach their 70’s and 80’s. Fortunately, advances in home-based healthcare technologies make it possible to deliver high-quality care in the patient’s home at a fraction of costs incurred at in-patient facilities. There is legitimate reason for concern, however, as private and government payers continue to be slow to acknowledge the superior care quality and net savings that accrue from the use of in-home “eCare” technologies. Forcing avoidable hospital admissions, which always follow when unattended conditions worsen, foolishly sacrifices long-term cost reductions for short-term savings”.

Beth Hennessey, Executive Director of Integrated Chronic Care with Sutter Care at Home will deliver the morning keynote presentation. She comments on the potential of technology driven care models for chronic care management:

“We advocate that chronic care management be the starting point of national healthcare reform by re-focusing home and community providers as an ‘army at the ready’, utilizing a proven high-touch, high-tech care delivery model. With the implementation of this model, homecare providers across the nation have successfully demonstrated positive outcomes in patient experience, quality of care, and affordability. Imperative to this model’s success is the integration of technology supporting the needs of patients, families, and providers across the healthcare system”.

Scott Peifer, AgeTech California’s executive director surmises that “Ultimately, such models are the future imperative for sustainable wellness, sustainable resources and sustainable aging services and home care organizations.”

The interactive lunch will be held from 12PM-1PM and media interviews will occur after the lunch in the expo hall and in the San Jose Board Room. Contact Kristy Oriol to schedule interviews, Koriol@aging.org, 916-469-3383. For more information on the conference, visit the event web site.

AgeTech California was established to promote the use of advanced health and wellness technologies by aging services and home care providers throughout California. Its primary focus is on technologies that enable older Californians’ aging in “connected independence” with safety and security, personal health maintenance, successful management of chronic disease, early detection of illness, and prevention of acute episodes. Such technologies include telehealth, electronic health records, sensor telemonitoring, remote medication management, safety technologies, and cognitive fitness among others that enable eCare and personal wellness while enhancing caregiving and cost efficiency. AgeTech is a programmatic partnership of Aging Services of California and the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH).



Building a Continuum of Care

Today’s GrandCare Aging & Technology Industry Call – sponsored by Dakim!

Special thanks to Art Carr from Progressive Retirement for offering an insightful look at the current Continuum of Care and how this is changing as we add enabling services (including technologies) into the mix. This changes our entire concept of a Continuum of Care. If you could not make today’s presentation, please simply email info(at)grandcare.com to receive a copy of the recording!

GrandCare Systems offers industry-wide aging & technology conference call/webinars. GrandCare has been selling into private homes & facilities since 2006 and has opportunities for new dealers & providers. For more info, contact GrandCare directly. These weekly calls are open to anyone and everyone in the aging & technology industry each week and designed for us to learn from each other, network, and together help the industry grow as a whole! Like we always say: The Aging Tsunami will float all boats! Let’s all work together to build up this brand new aging/technology category!

Thanks for joining us today (Over 65 joined us on the web and/or dial in number)

9-9 GC CALL TOPIC: Building a New Aging Continuum

Every Thursday at 2p ET (1p CT), GrandCare Systems hosts an aging & technology industry call.

Thursday, 9-9-10

TOPIC: The senior services market is evolving and the companies that
provide those services, including the emerging technology companies must
adapt to those changes to successfully meet the demands of the ensuing generations of potential customers. This presentation challenges some of today’s commonly accepted concepts and offers collaborative solutions for the future.

Join us: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
Optional Dial In listed on the webinar

Art Carr is acknowledged as a progressive thought leader for the senior living / care industry with a successful track record in implementing innovative concepts to improve operations and marketability across the senior services spectrum. He has provided exceptional corporate-level leadership for more than 20 years with all types and sizes of organizations – from fledgling enterprises to complex operations worth more than one billion dollars. Art has been recognized for his resourceful leadership and acclaimed as “affable, talented, with a razor-sharp intellect” and “one of the most articulate people …in the senior services sector.”

This call is sponsored by Dakim, the leader in the Brain Fitness for Seniors and Boomers movement. Dakim has created a unique brain fitness approach, suitable for active Seniors with normal brain function who want to maintain their brain health, as well as those who may have mild-to-moderate cognitive issues.

Thurs 4-29 2p EDT, Monica Anderson speaks on the importance of BRAIN FITNESS

Attention aging & technology enthusiasts & AgeTek members:

Join us tomorrow for the weekly aging & technology web-conference.  This is open to ANYONE in the aging and technology industry to learn, educate and network.  For upcoming Topics:  http://wp.me/pyOLA-1t

Topic: the importance of brain fitness by Monica Anderson (formerly of Dakim)

When: Thursday April 29th, 2010 – 2pm EDT (1p CDT)

Where: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare

Dial-In will be listed on the webinar

Bio for Monica L. Anderson, former Dakim,Inc.  Southwest Vice President  Monica Anderson is a pioneer in the brain fitness for seniors movement with over 25 years of operational experience in the medical device industry with expertise in program development and sales and marketing management.   Monica has successfully directed and participated in the launch of over 20 transformational therapeutic technologies in high growth medical markets serving older adults, and has developed best practices and participated in training for numerous brain fitness programs in all levels of residential care, and adult day centers.    After caring for 3 family members suffering with Alzheimer’s related dementia, she joined Dakim’s management team to partner with senior living providers to offer older adults brain fitness programs to stave off dementia and preserve brain health and quality of life. Monica held prior management  positions with market leaders Edwards Lifesciences, Breg/Orthofix,  SCIMED/Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, and was a principal  in a  leading sales distributorship for  DePuy Orthopaedic which was acquired by Johnson&Johnson.  Monica speaks functional Spanish and German, and holds a B.A. from Boston University,  an Executive Finance Certificate from the Wharton School of Business, and is pursuing a combined masters degree program in Gerontology and Business Administration.

Remember, the upcoming Aging Tsunami will float ALL BOATS!  Let’s work together!


CES 2010 Summary!!

Wow – what a weekend! Well, CES 2010 has come and gone and left us all a little worse for the wear, but excited and full of possibilities and new ideas! GrandCare was honored to be one of the technologies displayed in the digital health techzone.

I did mean to provide more updates along the way, but it was so crazy busy that I never got the chance! So here goes:

We got there and besides a bit of a mix-up about where our booth was (they moved us at the last minute, sorry to all those that went out of their way to find us) 🙂 Everything was swell.

The first thing we did was sign on to the aging and technology conference call – LIVE FROM CES! It was fantastic. Over 30 participants joined us as we interviewed different vendors and a few show participants!
So, I am still needing to convert the recording to an mp3, because the webinar recording didn’t turn out! It was too loud and we kept losing Internet Connection.

There were many different home health technologies presented in the digital Health zone, including GrandCare Systems (Communication, Cognition, ADL Monitoring, Wellness Assessment), Dakim (Socialization/Brain Fitness), Presto (Socialization – Emails printed out automatically for a senior), Wellcore (wearable fall device/PERS), zeo (sleep sensor that can help you to sleep better), myine (takes the commercials out of Internet radio), mygait (computers made easy for seniors) and so much more!!!

The problem was that our digital summit was moved before the show started, so we weren’t as enclosed as we were last year. Last year, it was apparent where all of the home health technologies were, because we were all together! We were kind of far away from some of them (Wellcore was on the other side around the corner from us). We had a sewing system across the aisle from us and as cool as the technology was, it hardly had anything to do with Digital Home Health Technology.

The traffic was wonderful, but the press coming around was pretty light. I know we probably could have done more to get press to do interviews with us (well, for one, we could have paid to have our press kit and such given out to press), but it would be nice to see the press take a more active interest in aging technology.

It’s the big elephant in the room, unfortunately – not quite as glamorous as the HD TVs and surround sound systems in CES. This is an exciting show!! I feel like my 3 year old would be in kiddie-heaven, as were many of the attendees!

One GREAT thing that came out of CES this year? We have formed a new consortium for all of the companies just like GrandCare Systems that want to get together, join forces, use the momentum and combine it to EDUCATE and make the market aware of what we are doing! It’s exciting and it’s BRILLIANT! This is an idea that came from one of our aging and technology industry calls. Remember, these calls are every Thursday at 2pm EST and OPEN TO ALL! Join us at www.dimdim.com meeting room: grandcare.
The hosts are GrandCare, but the topics are EVERYTHING related to aging, wellness and technology! This week, it’s Jack York speaking from It’s Never Too Late. It’s always a great conversation with wonderful people from all around the industry. This call spurred an idea about 2 months ago from Presto founder, Pete Radsliff on the idea of co-ompetition. Why can’t we all just find a way to work together?
The idea of a mall or a burger king moving across the street from mcdonald’s and both do better. The idea that the aging tsunami will certainly float ALL boats!

So, there you have it! We have formed a consortium and we WILL grow into a power! We will grow into a force where we can advertise nationally, educate the market, educate doctors, educate policy makers & slowly gain access TOGETHER into an industry that no one of us can do easily alone!

Contact info@grandcare.com for more information on this consortium and how to join! OR join us any week on our aging/technology conference calls!!!! To sign up for notifications for these weekly calls, register here: http://dealerwww.grandcare.com

Great show – great people – great innovation! 2010 is going to be a great year!!!